Top 10 Highest Paid IT Jobs for 2022

Updated on: January 17, 2022

In the previous two decades, no industry has been flourished as much as the information technology industry.

Since technology is the most pervasive force in our society, it is no wonder that it has thrived as much as it has.

There is so much that information technology encompasses; many new titles have opened up recently owing to the growth that this industry has seen.

New graduates now have a vast variety of careers to choose from depending on their degrees and skills. Information technology is now an entire world of its own.

So which IT jobs are expected to pay the highest in the year 2022? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Highest Paid IT Jobs in the Year 2022

1. Data Architects

Presently earning an annual median salary of %100,717, data architects are high on the information technology pyramid.

People who have excellent mathematics skills and possess the ability to visualize numbers through graphs and charts are good candidates for this job.

2. Software Developers

Software developers have always been in demand and will remain so until there is a need for developing software.

Having said this, software developers earn an annual median salary of $93,350; the number of jobs open for a software developer in the last couple of years has averaged at 1,000,000!

3. Computer System Analysts

If you are a goal-oriented individual with excellent analytic skills, working as a computer system analyst is bound to take you places in the next couple of years.

At this point, computer system analysts earn an annual median salary of $79,682.

4. Web Developers

The Internet is our future and people who make sure that we have access to it are, of course very important.

Web developers design websites and ensure that they are user-friendly.

They earn an annual median salary of $62,500, and the job outlook is expected to grow 20% faster than other industries in the next eight years.

5. Database Administrators

The job outlook for a database administrator sits at 15% faster than average. Database administrators earn an annual median salary of $77,080.

So if you know using specialized software to handle a company’s data demands (and earn well), this is the job you should be looking at!

6. Information System Managers

Information system managers are some of the highest-paid people in the information technology industry.

They earn an annual median salary of $120,950 and the number of available jobs expected between the years 2012 and 2022 stand at 332,700.

7. Mobile Applications Developers

Let’s face it. Mobiles and tablets have taken over our lives completely.

So, people who are behind the applications we use are in demand.

There is continued exponential growth in this arena; mobile applications developers can earn up to $144,000 a year with excellent potential for further growth.

8. IT Project Managers

Every information technology project needs someone to head it.

IT project managers are responsible for handling all the intricacies of a project to ensure that they are delivered on time.

Their annual salary is between $94,500 and $135,500 and is expected to grow in the coming years.

9. Software Architects

Software architects are very well-paid IT professionals as they possess a unique set of skills.

Their annual salary falls between $144,000 and $170,000.

10. IT Security Professionals

The demand for IT security professionals has increased manifold over the previous 5 years.

Companies are now willing to pay more in order to keep their data secure.

IT security professionals usually earn between $145,000 and $177,000.

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