Top 10 Degrees for 2023-2024

Updated on: January 24, 2023

Many factors must be considered when choosing a degree to study in 2023-2024. While your aptitude and interest play a vital role in this decision, it is also imperative to consider the practicality and market value of the degree you are planning to opt for.

The top 10 degrees for 2023-2024 as identified by various researchers on the subject are listed below to help you in making the right career choice and investing your time, money, and energy in the kind of education that will eventually pay off.

Top 10 Degrees for 2023-2024

1. Accounting

Accountants and accounting auditors will be in huge demand in 2023. Therefore this is an excellent choice especially if you have a knack for accounting and mathematics. Although a master’s degree is needed to qualify as an accountant, with a bachelor’s degree, you can get hired as a personal accountant or accounts officer in the corporate or government sector.

2. Computer Science

Like the past couple of years, computer science continues to be an in-demand degree, and it is an excellent choice to opt for in 2023-2024 as well. The field of computer science is perhaps the most diversified one, and this basic degree opens doors to several areas of specialization.

3. Information Systems and Security

The constant rise in technology has made way for many new jobs in the information technology world.

If technology intrigues you and you like the idea of being the brain behind installations, upgrades, and security of computer technology, you should enroll in a degree program in information systems.

4. Nurses and Nursing Assistants

Nursing degrees have grown in popularity owing to the boom in healthcare services around the USA. There is always a need for nurses and this demand is fast being filled with eager people looking for a career in healthcare.

5. Business Administration

Another prevalent degree in the last decade was a degree in Business Administration which will continue its popularity in 2023 and onward.

This covers a wide variety of jobs including marketing and management consultants, general managers, financial analysts, HR professionals, and many more!

A master’s degree in Business Administration is, by far, the most sought-after master’s degree in the world.

Companies are always looking for exceptionally trained business professionals (even at the entry level).

6. Communications

There was a time when marketing and communication were considered one thing. This has changed significantly over the years as the two have been separated, and communications now have a fixed purpose.

People who possess an interest in handling outreach programs and creating brand awareness can enroll in a communications degree program that can help them land a job in a multinational organization eventually.

7. Electrical Engineering

Among engineering disciplines, electrical engineers are expected to be most in demand in the year 2023. This degree will open a career door in almost any technical industry you wish to be a part of.

8. Logistics

Logistics has been a less-trodden road for the past couple of years which makes it highly in demand in 2023. Being a booming industry with a lot of opportunities, a degree in logistics will not only enhance your employability but will also place you in a better position to run your own business.

9. Economics

The only social science that has made the top 10 degrees for 2023, economics is a good option if you are not a technical person and like to analyze various phenomena and identify causal relations instead.

10. Web Design and Development

A website is as common as a business card. Thousands of companies handle their marketing and outreach programs through websites, so it only stands to reason that web designers and developers have it made!

If you are someone who has a penchant for design and possesses technical skills too, a degree in web design and development is for you!