If you are writing a resume for the first time, we take it you have had no work experience whatsoever.

Not to worry! There is a first time for everything and we are here to make that first time a great experience for you.

Resume writing for beginners is often a daunting job. With so much competition and so many people telling you how a great resume should look like, confusion is imminent. Let us make things simple for you. Resumes are nothing to be scared of. Think of it this way; you need to write on paper what you can do in life. Let us elaborate on this now. A resume is basically what a candidate has done in terms of education and experience with some mention of skills and qualifications. If you are a first timer, you will have to skip the experience part but you can add something else to supplement it.

Think about it; what did you do in school that holds significance? President of the drama club? Football? Did you volunteer at a hospital during winter vacations? Yes! you can put in all this and more if you want to!

Let us talk of the format of a resume now.

Make it simple for yourself and the recruiter: Write your name, address and contact information on top.

Tell them what you want to do: This is where your objective comes in.

Education: Write a short yet descriptive section of your education, It includes your institute name, degree title, relevant course and projects, GPA alike

How good are you: Provide the recruiter with your core competencies and abilities to perform a specific task. Use phrases like good understanding of, in depth knowledge of and profound ability to …

Impress the recruiter: Tell him or her how proactive you are. The dance classes that you took may help you here. Or the baseball captainship that you acquired

Strengths: Your skills to be able to retain yourself in a work environment are important. Let the employer know that your communication skills are above par, and that you can work well under stress