How to Write a Cover Letter for a Sales Job? 6 Tips

Updated on: February 17, 2021

‘Sales’ is not a field for everyone. Successful candidates in sales need the gift of the gab, persuasive skills, and strong convincing power along with ample knowledge regarding the product being sold.

Since it is a selling job, the cover letter for the same also needs to be an exceptionally convincing one.

Although the format of a sales cover letter is the same as any other cover letter, it is the writing style that needs to be distinct, tailored according to the nature of the position.

Consider the sales cover letter as your chance to advertise your skills, attributes, and sales acumen.

Be creative, innovative, and bold in your writing by communicating an energetic, positive, and persuasive personality.

Writing a Professional Cover Letter for a Sales Job 

1. Show Interest in the Company

A cover letter for a sales position must communicate deep interest in the company which can only come through extensive research. Search about the company, its origin, founding principle, and mission.

The company’s motto, if available, looks very impressive when mentioned in the letter somewhere in the beginning. It helps the potential employer relate to the content quickly and effectively.

2. Use Sales Specific Keywords

Always try to incorporate two or three sales-specific key terms in the letter. This not only creates a better impression but also gives the letter a professional tone, communicating ‘this candidate knows the business.’

3. Highlight Success Stories

Recruiters in sales are looking for winners, experts who can elevate their sales. For this they do not need to know your education or number of years of experience, they are interested in what you did for the previous employer. Share your success stories and showcase your achievements in sales.

4. Include Success Statistics

A winning sales cover letter supports the success stories with statistics. Support your achievements with figures wherever possible.

5. Give a Proposal or Plan for the Company

A cover letter that suggests some plan or proposal for sales elevation is always superior to the aimless ones. Try to incorporate some suggestions you have in mind to improve the sales of the target organization.

Mention any potential strategy for the company along with the confidence and intention of applying it if hired. The letter must reflect ‘this candidate means business.’

6. Length and Format of Letter

Demonstrate that you understand the value of time. Be concise. Do not use extra length. The letter must be short, extremely convincing, to the point, and focused.

It is advisable to use an objective format so that your competencies are highlighted thus saving the reader’s time.

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