How to Write a Resume for a Job in a Supermarket

Updated on July 11, 2015

It does not matter how qualified you are – if your resume is poorly presented, you will have trouble getting the job of your dreams. There are many resumes that may be written along the same lines – the sections and lingo may not differ – but you may want to put in (or take out) some information depending on the position that you are applying for.

A job in a supermarket will require concentration on your customer service skills and retail knowledge. And this is what you have to concentrate on in your resume. Your resume for supermarket job should typically run along the following lines:

Resume objective or summary of qualifications
Right after you mention your contact details, a resume objective or a summary of qualifications needs to be written. Mentioning your skills in retail are important here – you can merge the skills section with this and use phrases such as:

• Familiarity with produce orders
• Demonstrated expertise in handling promotional activities
• Well-versed in providing exceptional customer services
• Knowledge of managing date rotation checks
• Proficient in stocking shelves and maintaining inventories

Core Competencies
Mention your major traits which directly relate to the supermarket job. Draw a 3×3 table and use keywords in this section such as cash handling, customer service, merchandise display alike.

This portion on your resume is very important. Working in a supermarket means that you are in constant contact with customers and if you have managed to achieve something in it, your resume will shine. A couple of samples of accomplishments in a supermarket role are provided below:

• Increased customer base by 55% through suggesting addition of out of season vegetables in cold storage
• Decreased food spoilage cost by $30000 through estimating the amount of fruits and vegetables sold each day and ordering only a little more than required

Professional Experience
You need to mention the relevant jobs that you have held in the retail arena. List your duties under each job title and make sure that they communicate what you have done in the past to the new employer. This is very important since you will be working with the company’s prime asset – its customers and it is important for employers to know that you know your job. Also mention any volunteer experiences or summer jobs that you may have held in a supermarket environment.

There is absolutely no need to write the details here – an employer will just be concerned about the last degree that you hold. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you do not need to mention the high school diploma that you acquired before the degree. If a high school diploma is your last educational certificate, just mention it along with the school’s name from which you have been graduated and the year you graduated in.