Writing an effective cover letter for entry level legal assistant job, while you have no prior experience in hand, is a tricky task.

In order to make your cover letter effective, you should emphasize on your relevant education, transferable skills, voluntary or internship experiences and enthusiasm to learn new tasks quickly.

You may get help from the following legal assistant cover letter in order to make your own.

Alternate Job Titles

This sample covering letter is also useful for the following relevant positions:
1. Commercial Law Clerk
2. Paralegal
3. Real Estate Law Clerk
4. Legal Researcher
5. Litigation Legal Assistant
6. Notary Public
7. Land Titles Examiner
8. Law Clerk
9. Title Searcher
10. Trademark Agent


Legal Assistant Cover Letter No Experience



Sara M. Davis

333 North 75th St. – Apt 5L, Atlantic City, NJ 65111
(212) 000-0000 | sara.davis @ email . com

October 28, 2017

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
Republican Young Inc.
321 Example Rd.
Atlantic City, NJ 65888


Dear Mr. Doe:

In response to your advertisement for Legal Assistant position, I would like to apply for the same. My secretarial skills along with a strong background in legal assistance makes me an exceptional candidate for this position. I am enthusiastic to contribute to Republican Young’s mission.

My high level of attentiveness combined with my excellent communication and organizational skills have helped me attaining a strong academic record at NJ Law College which reflects my diligence and dedication to my work. A rigorous liberal arts courses and a focus on psychology have given me with a matchless writing ability in addition to analytical, problem-solving and assessment skills.

Moreover, I have also developed research skills in a number of capacities by compiling and examining data in Research Design and Analysis class. Besides, my study in Toronto and Quebec and French language classes has truly expanded my familiarity of multiple cultures. My bilingual capability will be very advantageous to a globally popular law firm like Republican Young Inc.

Through demanding leadership positions, I have developed a sense of accountability, good interpersonal skills and the aptitude to perform well in a team – even in an aggressive work environment. As a Resident Assistant in summer 2017, I fruitfully resolved conflicts among residents, planned social and educational programs and served as a role model for my peers. With my background in liberal arts, commerce and leadership, I am certain that I can make a positive contribution to your law firm.

The attached resume details my relevant skills, knowledge and experiences. I am passionate about obtaining this position and look forward to meeting with you at the Consortium. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sara Davis

Attachment: Resume