Top 35 Beauty Therapist Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 28, 2020
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A beauty therapist’s interview process includes many questions to determine the applicant’s knowledge of providing services. Hence, preparation for such an interview should be done extremely well.

If you know the work, you will not have a lot of issues in responding to work-related interview questions. However, it is best to go through some sample questions that may be asked.

35 Possible Beauty Therapist Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell me a little about yourself.

I am a trained beauty therapist, with over 10 years of experience in the field. The reason I trained in this area is because of my interest in providing unique beauty therapies to clients.

2. What specific duties have you performed as a beauty therapist in the past?

I have performed many duties such as determining clients’ specific beauty needs and providing them with correlating services. Over the years that I have worked in this capacity, I have given professional advice, as well as carried out beauty treatments. Moreover, my work involves promoting available treatments and therapies and providing clients with information on retail products as well.

3. What skills do you possess which make you an excellent person to hire as a beauty therapist?

I am a highly insightful individual, who has a thorough knowledge of skin and hair treatments and procedures. Specifically, I am well-versed in determining clients’ particular needs and providing corresponding advice to ensure that their hair and skin remains healthy. My knowledge of skin biology and physiology is immense. Cosmetic chemistry is also an area that I am well-trained in.

4. What do you like most about working as a beauty therapist?

I love working as a beauty therapist for many reasons. I believe that on top of the list is transformation. When I see that a client has physically transformed into something that they wanted, it gives me great satisfaction.

5. What do you dislike about this work?

I am fully engrossed in the wonders of my work and do not dislike anything about it.

6. How do you handle the pressure of work?

I work best when I am under pressure. Work pressure gives me the motivation to do my best.

7. How do you manage adversity at the workplace?

I almost never have time to think of adversity. When an adverse situation happens, I make it a point to resolve it at the root level so that there are no issues.

8. What is the most difficult part of working as a beauty therapist?

While I do not like mulling over difficulties, I feel that explaining to clients what is best for them is quite challenging.

9. How do you handle that?

I am persistent, but I make sure that I do not pester my clients. I provide them with a logical explanation to ensure that they understand what is best for them. If they don’t understand, I, of course, let them make the final decision.

10. What do you think is the most challenging beauty therapy process?

I feel that all skincare treatments are highly challenging. This is because of the products being used, and the uncertainty of how a client’s skin will react to them.

11. Have you ever had a problem with a client’s skin reacting to your products?

Yes, it has happened a couple of times. However, I always have an antidote ready so that a situation like this can be handled without too many problems.

12. Why do you want to work for us specifically?

I feel that I am well-suited for the kind of culture that your salon projects. Since I have worked with clients that are like your clientele, I feel that I will fit right in.

13. What motivates you?

The good thing about me is that I get motivated by the smallest of things. Even a well-done blow-dry will motivate me to do wonders.

14. What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about excellent customer service. I feel that a happy client is not just a return client but also generates more clientele.

15. How did you learn about this position?

I have been following your social media as I love the work that you do. When you announced the position on your Facebook page, I decided to apply immediately.

16. What do you consider to be your most amazing professional achievement?

I am proud to have been part of a styling team for a big-budget Hollywood film.

17. What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is my ability to handle all skin and hair procedures, by providing the best solutions to all.

18. What is your greatest weakness?

I usually do not think too much about weaknesses, but if I look back, I see that I am sometimes too professional.

19. Why do you think you need to change that?

I feel that being professional is a great thing. However, it is as important to be personal with clients, of course, in a limited capacity.

20. Tell us about a time when a customer or a coworker got angry with you?

I was once assigned a client who had been another therapist’s client. Due to some issues, the client did not want to go back to her, which is why she was assigned to me. When my coworker saw this, she became unreasonably angry at me and accused me of stealing her clients. It became quite difficult to explain to her that these things happen and to convince her to take it all in stride.

21. Describe your dream job.

My dream job is to work in a capacity where I am in a leadership role while performing my own therapies.

22. Have you ever worked in a dream role?

I am slowly making my way towards it. But, no, I have not worked in a dream role yet.

23. Why do you want to leave your current job?

I am presently working at a small salon, where I feel that I have reached the pinnacle of learning. I now want to work in an environment where I can grow continuously, which is why I want to move on now.

24. Tell me about a tough decision that you had to take in the last few months.

One of my coworkers was skipping an important step in a facial procedure. The first time I saw this, I believed that it was a mistake. But then it happened twice again. I mentioned it to her, and she said that it was all good – she didn’t like the step she had been deliberately missing because it was a long one. Even though it was a hard decision to take, I had no choice but to report her to the management.

25. What is your leadership style?

My leadership style is highly participatory. I lead by example and ensure that the staff working or training under me is given creative license.

26. How would other people describe you?

Other people would tell you that I am a very easygoing individual, who has a solid grasp on her work, and performs all processes in a professional manner.

27. What can we expect from you in the first three months?

I am positive that I can do a lot more than just bring new clients in. I am confident that your existing clients will praise your services even more than they do now because I have a knack for doing things in a focused, and client-oriented manner.

28. What do you like to do outside of work?

I love attending professional training. Apart from this, I am a great movie buff, and I love reading biographies.

29. In your opinion, what really drives results in this job?

I feel that hard work and proactiveness is very important when working as a beauty therapist.

30. What do you like most about your current position?

I love the fact that I can work in a comfortable environment.

31. What does customer services mean to you?

Customer services hold great value for me. I ensure that good customer services are offered by me at all times.

32. Are you aware of who our competitors are?

Yes, I have researched this well. I am aware that your competitors include Dolry, Pinnacle Services, and Vintage Salon.

33. If we decide to hire you, when can you join us?

I must provide a 30-day notice to my current employer, after which, I can join you immediately.

34. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am working hard to position myself as a salon trainer within the next few years.

35. Do you have any questions for me?

Yes. I am interested in knowing more about the type of salon services you provide.

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