Food service technicians work at cafeterias of healthcare or hospitality settings.

They are responsible for preparing and providing trays in addition to stocking the same where required. They need to demonstrate good customer services skills throughout their shift.

When applying for the position of Food Service Technician, you need to build a well written and targeted resume. Look at the following example which will help you build your resume for Food Service Technician position.


Food Service Technician Resume Example


 Sara Doe 32 Example Street, Fort Collins, CO 54444
(999) 000-2100, Email


Performance Summary: Precise and reliable individual with 5 years’ extensive experience in food service industry. Highly skilled in serving resident meals correctly and pleasantly utilizing effective portion control techniques. In-depth knowledge of maintaining satisfactory standards of hygiene throughout the serving process.

• Able to provide residents with perfect diet plans
• Substantial knowledge of particular diets and safe food handling principles
• Outstanding organizational abilities demonstrated through food service positions with diverse employers

• Customer service• Food allergies• Hand eye coordination
• Teamwork• HACCP principals• Mathematics
• Communication• Professional appearance• Following instructions


Food Service Technician
Poudre Valley Hospital – Fort Collins, CO | May 2007 – June 2012

• Prepared trays for hospital patients in keeping with therapeutic diet order
• Delivered meal trays to patients
• Managed dish machines and waste disposals
• Stocked work area and tray line
• Washed dishes, clean pots and pans, and clean floors and walls
• Delivered and retrieved shielded patient tray carts to and from nursing units

Key Accomplishments
• Assisted coworkers to get work accomplished resourcefully
• Maintained neat and ordered work area
• Trained new workers to assigned job tasks


High School Diploma ● Fort Collins City School, Fort Collins, CO – 2005

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