School Food Service Manager Resume Sample

Updated on: December 28, 2016


You will be happy to know that food service manager resume writing is only as hard as you make it.

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School Food Service Manager Resume Sample


Henry King

77 White Oak Drive | Greenville, MS 22302 | (000) 999-9999 | henking @email .com


Performance Profile
High performing Food Service professional with a 6 year track record of success providing school cafeterias with high quality food items. Deep expertise in overseeing inventory of food and associated supplies, with special focus on coordinating efforts with suppliers to ensure timely delivery.

• Well-versed in ensuring that food and beverage orders are properly arranged and served to students in a time-efficient manner
• Highly skilled in inspecting food items and supplies to verify both quantity and quality in accordance with order specifications
• First-hand experience in developing nutritious recipes, to ensure that students are provided with good quality and healthy food options
• Proficient in conducting inventory of food, condiments and supplies to ensure availability of items


• Inventory Control • Supplier Liaison • Recipe Development
• Waste Management • Food Safety and Storage • Equipment Maintenance
• Food Inspection • Meal Systems Management • Regulations Compliance
• Food Preparation • Safety-related Training • Quality Improvement


• Cost Containment: Saved the school $5500 monthly by bringing onboard a less expensive but quality-conscious food supplier.
• Process Improvement: Spearheaded a food workers retention and training initiative, resulting in increased improvement in handling food preparation activities.
• Waste Management: Devised a successful plan of minimizing food wastage by calculating required food and ensuring that only a little extra was prepared on a daily basis.
• Training: Developed and implemented a series of training sessions aimed at ensuring delivery of exceptional food services to students.


School Food Service Manager
Appleton High School, Greenville, MS | 6/2011 – Present

• Arrange food and beverage services to ensure that all students are provided with timely and good quality meals
• Ascertain that all food safety and storage rules are followed diligently, and address any instances of non-conformity
• Oversee meal preparation duties and provide input and feedback about processes and procedures
• Create recipes for nutritious and filling meals for students, according to their age groups and preferences
• Direct daily operations of food service within the cafeteria by ensuring that food service workers have sufficient resources and supplies
• Supervise food preparers, servers and cooks to ensure that all food safety and hygiene protocols are being followed
• Train kitchen and cafeteria employees to ensure delivery of exceptional food services
• Oversee and ensure the cleaning and maintenance of kitchen equipment and ensure that cafeteria surfaces (counters and floors) are kept constantly clean and sanitized

Food Service Worker
St. Peter’s High School, Greenville, MS | 2/2005 – 5/2011

• Took and processed orders for meals and supplementary food items from students
• Provided students with information on the day’s specials in a bid to encourage them to place additional orders
• Prepared food items / dishes according to set recipes and delivered them to students’ tables
• Assisted in processing payments and lunch cards in accordance with established school rules
• Ascertained the cleanliness and sanitization of the cafeteria, including cleaning and maintaining tables, chairs and floors

High School Diploma – 2005
St. Peter’s High School, Greenville, MS