Research Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: November 30, 2020

A research technician must write a resume to impress the hiring manager enough so that all other resumes look futile. This is easy if you know your work, and know exactly what information to project.

One thing that you must realize is that your resume should be a solid amalgamation of skills, accomplishments, and experience in a research technician role.

In your resume for a research technician position, you must emphasize your knowledge of researching information specifically asked for by a supervisor.

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A resume sample for this position is given below for your reference:

Sample Resume for Research Technician Position

Edison Rider
3992 Plant Road, Key West, FL79022
(000) 123-3432


Research technician with 8+ years of experience in developing solutions to complex problems that require regular application of scientific principles. Particularly effective in conducting advanced research experiments with minimal supervision, and in collaboration with scientists, faculty, and research personnel.

• Introduced a unique research planning method, as a result, decreased research time by 50%
• Led 5 pilot projects, ensuring all of them came to fruition within provided timelines
• Devised a data input plan, hence, reduced data entry time by 80%
• Successfully developed an array of research techniques, as a result, received high commendation from supervisors

• Technique Development
• Lab Work Assistance
• Pilot Projects Leadership
• Finding Recording
• SPSS Information Collection
• Data Input
• Database Management
• Safe Working Practices


Research Technician
Key West National Laboratory, Key West, FL 

• Conduct research experiments and data collection work according to provided instructions
• Analyze, interpret, and make deductions based on obtained data
• Operate, manage, and maintain scientific equipment in order to ensure that it remains in good working order
• Collaborate on research projects involving new and emerging technologies
• Create and maintain reports of research work performed
• Maintain accurate records of experiments and analysis, and conduct literature reviews
• Prepare specimens and samples for lab work

Research Intern
FLIR Systems, Key West, FL

• Set up and calibrated lab equipment according to instructions
• Looked through work orders and determined required research work
• Performed research tasks, in accordance with set instructions
• Ensured that research information was properly organized and reported
• Created and maintained records of all collected and collated information
• Ensured the authenticity and confidentiality of collected information

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences
Florida State University, Key West, FL – 2009

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