Student Research Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: March 7, 2022

A student research assistant position is perhaps the first job that you will hold. Cherish it. Work for it.

A large number of college or university students want to work as student research assistants, but this isn’t step one.

Step one is creating a resume that will take you to that step – obtaining the position!

Remember that a professor will have a huge amount of students to choose from and you may not come out as the top candidate, unless you make your resume into something that cannot be refused. But how would you do that?

Your qualifications matter immensely at this stage.

And we do not mean that you need to be highly experienced – your qualifications in this regard will be your ability to meet handle the subject matter of the discipline that you are applying in.

Your research skills will need to be beyond exceptional and you should be someone who can follow instructions accurately.

When applying for a student research assistant position, you will need to make sure that the content of your resume is immaculately written. Spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes are unforgivable.

Read and reread your resume several times before sending.

Here is an example to help you.

Student Research Assistant Resume Example

Jennifer Gardner
8003 Circle Avenue
Ellenwood, GA 30987
(000) 012-2511
jengar @email .com

I am a logical thinker with demonstrated expertise in participating in the design, execution and analysis of departmental research projects. 

• Proven ability to conduct literature reviews and collect and analyze project data by ensuring completeness and accuracy.
• Talented in maintaining accurate records of interviews and safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects.
• Exceptional research skills aimed at obtaining information from reliable sources.
• Adept at preparing, manipulating and managing extensive databases and facilitating gathering of project-related materials and data.

• Data Accuracy
• Reports Summarization
• Information Collection
• Publication Support
• Information Compilation
• Academic Research
• Data Confidentiality
• Equipment Operation
• Mediation

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (In Progress)


Jun 2021 – Mar 2022
Research Assistant (to Professor Simon Cowell)
• Determined various reliable channels for obtaining project related information and wrote concise reports
• Conducted literature reviews and analyzed collected data to ensure accuracy and completeness
• Responded to project related emails / mail by following instructions appropriately
• Provided assistance with creating reports, manuscripts and presentations related to specific projects
• Assisted in the development and implementation of research quality control procedures

• Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio
• Internet research
• Email and social media

“I offer high personal motivation along with a great ability to take responsibility in meeting deadlines.”