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Updated on: August 16, 2020

A PC Technician Cover Letter is an authoritative one-page document that gives details on how you would contribute to the success and efficiency of the prospective company.

In order to make it winning, you should write why you are suitable for the PC Technician position, and what kind of relevant knowledge, skills, and personality characters you possess.

The following sample PC Technician cover letter is specifically designed as per the requirements of the majority of employers around the USA and Canada.

Sample Cover Letter for PC Technician 

Andrea Brown
558 7th Street
Gravette, AR 63329
(000) 854-5214

August 16, 2020

Ms. Sara Anderson
Senior Manager
R&R Solutions
66 Some Street
Gravette, AR 52669

Dear Ms. Anderson:

I am writing to apply for the position as a PC Technician with R&R Solutions. This opportunity mainly appeals to me because I possess all the skills and abilities which are mentioned in your job description.

According to the requirements mentioned in your ad, you need an extremely motivated IT professional to fill this vacancy. I have extensive experience and knowledge of software installation, hardware components, computers, servers, and various other aspects of installations, de-installation, and up-gradation.

Particularly, I have a unique talent for:

  • Installing and configuring hardware, software, and networks for PCs and servers with multi-user operating and networking systems.
  • Designing and implementing system safety measures including backups, access control, and disaster recovery.
  • Creating and maintaining user account information including user rights, security, and user groups.

Furthermore, I possess A+ and MCITP certifications that make me a strong candidate for this position. My attached resume contains complete details about my qualifications and experience.

As a highly skilled and enthusiastic computer expert, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications as a PC Technician with you further. I will call your office next week to follow-up.

Thank you for considering my qualifications for a PC Technician position at R&R Solutions.


Andrea Brown
(000) 854-5214

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