3 Oil Technician Resume Samples (Based on Experience Level)

Updated on: July 26, 2023
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An oil technician or automotive lube technician tests a vehicle’s fluids and makes repairs when necessary. Specifically, they check and change the oil in cars, commercial vehicles, and trucks. In addition, they perform many relevant tasks such as checking the status of tires, air filters, windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, and engine coolant. They need to know how much of every fluid and how much tire pressure the vehicle requires for good performance.

Here is an excellent resume sample for an oil technician position. This sample will help you build or update your resume.

Oil Technician Resume Sample 1
Experience: 10+ Years

Andrew Wright
89 Atlanta Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia
(000) 320-2531
Email Address


Hardworking and detail-oriented Oil Technician with 14 years of extensive experience in changing oil, servicing tires, and inspecting and troubleshooting vehicles in a fast-paced environment. Dependable and persistent with a high energy level. Excellent time management and teamwork acumen. Ability to work independently as well as part of a team.

• CSW Safety policies and procedures
• Fueling and service of equipment
• Work orders and logs, as well as forms filling
• Oil and fluid changes as per protocols
• Fluids inspection and refilling
• Tires inspection


Oil Technician
ABX Car Care Company, Halifax, NS
2015 – Present
• Perform oil checks and oil changes in a variety of automotive vehicles.
• Change transmission fluids as per maintenance standards.
• Locate and correct faulty areas in the vehicle such as ignition, brake shoes, and wheel bearings.
• Tune auto engines for optimum performance.
• Repair and maintain vehicle components such as air conditioners, carburetors, and condensers.

Lube Technician
City Autos, Halifax, NS
2010 – 2015
• Maintained dealership records.
• Provided information to clients and recommended any needed maintenance regarding their vehicles.
• Performed routine checks and repairs of all vehicles, including checking tire pressures and fluid levels.
• Greased bearings, examined repairs, and overhauled the brake systems.
• Removed and replaced automobile leaf springs, tailpipes, and mufflers.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
The University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON

Oil and Lube Technician Resume Sample 2
Experience: 5+ Years

Felix Yates
7452 N Lobban Avenue
Buffalo, WY 99201
(000) 251-5243
felixy @ email . com


• Highly experienced oil and lube technician with 6+ years of experience in handling car suspension lubrication systems using dedicated tools such as grease guns.
• Proven ability to effectively perform oil changes, battery replacements, and tire rotation.
• Competent in assessing vehicles to evaluate fluid levels, brakes, and condition of tires
• Adept at changing oil transmission fluids and ensuring that vehicles are maintained to standards
• Proficient in performing routine vehicle check-ups and ensuring that the need for repair and maintenance is communicated to customers
• Efficiently uses various electronic tools and equipment to locate and correct malfunctioning areas, including brakes, ignition, and wheel bearings

• Transmission Overview • Repair and Maintenance
• Electronic Tools Usage • Vehicle Functioning Efficiency
• Vehicle Assessments • Rotation and Balancing
• Belts Inspection • Gauge Reading
• Preventative Maintenance • Fluid Checks
• Component Replacement • Technical Diagnosis
• Communication • Customer Service

• Prevented a fatal accident from happening by sensing something amiss about the brake system during scheduled maintenance of a car and alerting the customer.
• Performed 25+ tire rotations in one day, for a local version of the Grand Prix.
• Amalgamated two random metal parts to create a component that was unavailable in the market, making it possible for a tourist to reach the next town safely.
• Held a seminar on vehicle functioning efficiency at the local city club, providing insight to car owners about the various ways of reducing operational costs and ensuring the longevity of their vehicles.


Oil and Lube Technician
KIA, Buffalo, WY
6/2018 – Present
• Confer with customers to determine their specific needs for maintenance and repair.
• Inspect vehicles to determine maintenance requirements and provide customers with estimated costs.
• Perform inspections on vehicles to determine the extent of repair and maintenance required and provide customers with feedback.
• Check oil levels to ensure that optimum levels are maintained and ensure that low oil levels are refilled.
• Ensure that proper tire pressure is maintained according to the type of vehicle.
• Install new oil and air filters and oil drain plugs.
• Clean and lubricate fittings and transmissions and grease bearings.
• Overhaul the braking system using preset tools and equipment.
• Communicate any needs for immediate repairs to the customer and refer them to the appropriate personnel to do the job.

Lube Technician
DIS, Buffalo, WY
11/2015 – 6/2018
• Assisted in inspecting vehicles to determine the need for repair and maintenance.
• Provided support in refilling oil so that optimum levels are reached.
• Cleaned braking systems and ensured that any need for oiling or lubrication is fulfilled.
• Checked tire pressures and refilled tires to ensure that the right pressure is maintained.
• Helped in installing and maintaining air and air conditioner filters and replacing vehicle leaf springs and tailpipes.

High School Diploma
ABC High School, Buffalo, WY

Oil Change Technician Resume Sample 3
Experience: 2 Years

Darrel Wade
587 Bath Avenue
Ashland, KY 42895 
(000) 414-7874
darrelwade @ email . com


Energetic, mechanically inclined oil technician with a 2+ years’ track record of performing inspections to determine safety-related repairs.
• Adept at maintaining fluids of a variety of vehicles performing lubrication work on vehicle suspensions in order to cut down on wear and tear.
• Deep insight into changing vehicle fluids and keeping levels at par with set standards for each type of vehicle.
• Demonstrated ability to inspect various belts and filters to ensure that they are in an “optimum condition”.
• Proficient in handling coolant and transmission flushes by following procedures set by the facility.

• Multipoint Inspections • Preventative Maintenance
• Oil Change • Transmission Checks
• Grease Dispensing • Vehicle Servicing
• Tire Rotation • Battery Replacement
• Customer Service


Oil Change Technician
J & S OIL COMPANY, Ashland, KY
Jan 2021 – Feb 2023
• Checked vehicles for repair and maintenance needs and provided feedback to the supervisor
• Assisted technicians in determining fluid levels in vehicles and bringing them up to par with standards
• Handled tire activities and new tire installation activities and changed wiper blades
• Checked air pressure in tires and handled coolant and transmission flushes
• Performed inspections on belts and filters and ensured the need for repair or replacement is made obvious to customers

High School Diploma
AAA High School, Ashland, KY


  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to Detail
  • Hardworking

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