EKG Technician Skills and Abilities

Updated on: October 29, 2016

Your skills and abilities to do an EKG Technician job are what make you a “wholesome” person in the eyes of the hiring manager. Whether it is an EKG Tech cover letter or a resume, how you explicitly mention your skills matters immensely. Why? The reason is not too complicated – hiring managers want to be saved the trouble of hiring unskilled people and spending time, money and resources in making them skilled. Polishing new employees’ skills is usually put on the backburner – the priority is to make sure that they hire people who are “ready to work”.

As soon as a hiring manager picks up a resume or a cover letter, he or she skims through it, stopping only when he sees something of interest. And what can be more interesting than a person who has made it quite transparent that he or she is the right person to hire? Do not simply write down your skills in bullet points – elaborate on them as much as possible, without it seeming as if you are a show off. Of course, showing off a little is important but you need to know where to stop.

Looking for ways to articulate your skills and abilities in a resume or / and cover letter? Do not stop reading!

EKG Technician Skills and Abilities

• Solid track record of effectively performing EKG and ETT tests to determine heart diseases
• Highly skilled in setting up EKG machines to ensure appropriate operations at the time of each test
• Effectively able to prepare procedure / testing rooms to ensure availability of equipment and supplies at all times
• Hands-on experience in calibrating and maintaining EKG machinery according to set standards
• Deep familiarity with monitoring patients’ vitals during exercise tolerance tests to ensure their wellbeing
• Well-versed in monitoring patients and handling emergencies if any should occur during the testing phase
• Highly experienced in handling vector cardiographs and cardiac catheterizations and administering IVs when required
• Skilled in efficiently reviewing patients’ records and instructing them about procedures, prior to the beginning them
• Competent in positioning and applying electrodes and efficiently connecting leads from machines to specified body areas
• Familiar with performing both preventative and regular maintenance on EKG and ETT machines
• Proficient in educating patients and family members in a bid to ensure that they are kept abreast of things and cooperate properly
• Adept at performing record keeping duties by ensuring that all EKG and ETT results are properly placed in patients’ files