12 Malware Analyst Skills and Abilities

Updated October 21, 2022
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What do a candidate’s skills tell a hiring manager?

Well, employers gauge candidates on scales that may vary from employer to employer. So we cannot really say exactly what type of gauge is used.

However, a candidate’s skills are usually measured to determine if the person applying for the job is worth the time and money that will be spent on training him or her.

The problem with most resumes and cover letters nowadays is that they don’t effectively outline a candidate’s abilities, leaving hiring managers stumped. And a stumped hiring manager will not waste more time trying to psychoanalyze your job application documents. He or she will just move on.

So, what does this tell us?

This tells us that we need to be open and articulate about the skills that we possess.

If, for instance, your skills lie in your ability to analyze situations perfectly, you should mention this in your job application documents.

In fact, resumes have entire sections dedicated to holding this information, so make good use of it.

Where cover letters are concerned, you are trying to convince a hiring manager to hire you because you are skilled anyway, so placing your skills in them shouldn’t be an issue.

How are skills statements written? Like the samples provided below:

Triage Malware

• Effectively able to surface and triage novel malware across different platforms, analyzing it in depth.

Reverse Engineering

• Demonstrated expertise in providing reverse engineering of malware and associated malware analysis.

Metadata Identification

• Deep insight into identifying metadata information to include IP addresses inside determined malware code.

Security Controls

• able to carry out a variety of security controls protecting access to computers and data.

Firewalls Maintenance

• Highly experienced in setting up and marinating firewalls and intrusion detection systems to ensure constant and consistent data security.


• Competent in creating inspection metrics and conducting regular inspections to ensure that systems are being operated in a secure manner.

Security Software Implementation

• Deeply familiar with researching, evaluating, testing, communicating, and implementing new security software and devices.

Tools Usage

• Proven record of effectively using industry tools such as Ida Pro and REMnux to perform malware analysis and management work.


• Exceptionally well-versed in manipulating reverse engineering tools and scripting languages, in addition to virtual machines.

Hackers Identification

• Track record of identifying hackers’ methodologies and ensuring that networks are appropriately secured against both internal and external threats.

Reports Generation

• Proficient in documenting results in time-sensitive reports, presentations, and analyst exchanges.

Threats Identification

• Adept at identifying and documenting high-impact, emerging, and complex malware threats, along with ensuring that appropriate measures are undertaken to stop them.