Deckhand Skills & Abilities

Updated on: June 6, 2018

Your abilities and skills are two things that will help you sail the waters without the fear of drowning.

If you are skilled in the areas that a hiring manager wants you to be, you will not need to worry about not being chosen for a position.

But you do have to worry if you have the skills but are unable to put them in proper skills statements in your resume.

Handling any work requires a specific skills set. And it is this information that needs to be provided to the hiring manager so that he or she can easily consider you as the best person to hire at a position.

And this can only be done if you know yourself well. Self-analysis is step one. You need to make a list of all the skills and abilities that you possess which make you a right person to hire at a position. Once you are aware of how good you are, you can quickly place this information on a resume, through well-developed skills statements.

Remember that you have to identify the right type of skills and abilities – ones which will help the hiring managers with their work. If you can do this, you have half the job already! Here is how you can word your skills statements, to place them on a resume:

Deckhand Skills & Abilities

• Ability to assist in passenger embarkation, such as handling passenger count, selling and processing ticket payments, and attending to passenger safety.

• Expert in responding to emergency situations, including firefighting, and assisting in the rescue passengers overboard.

• Well-versed in performing routine inspections of the vessel and its components, checking on all operating and safety equipment, and electronic components.

• Proficient in ensuring basic deck and vessel cleanliness, ensuring that decks are kept free of debris, and performing maintenance on furnishings.

• Adept at performing routine maintenance and repair functions, such as washing down of vessels, and overheads, and handling chipping and painting work.

• Highly experienced in performing duties such as line splicing, inspection, and replacement and maintenance of shackles.

• Proven ability to prepare vessels for operational readiness, and tend moor lines during vessel maneuvers.

• Exceptionally talented in standing watch as deck safety and security officer, and identifying and reporting security breaches or loopholes.

• Solid track record of efficiently performing navigational functions as a lookout, and handling ground tackles and emergency gear.

• Documented success in ensuring that the deck and engine room preventative maintenance is managed in a timely manner.