EKG Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: October 29, 2016

How does one ace an ekg technician interview without preparation? One doesn’t! Preparation is the single most important thing that one has to do before appearing for an interview.

Everything else is secondary. To be considered a successful candidate for a job, you have to appear confident – and the only way that you can be confident is if you know what you have to say. Good responses result in career advances!

Have no fear! The following interview questions and answers will help you prepare for an EKG technician interview.



EKG Technician Interview Questions and Answers

On any typical day at work, how do you start your day?
I begin by preparing the procedure room, by ensuring that it is cleaned and sanitized properly, and that all supplies are available. I then calibrate the EKG machinery assigned to me and test it to make sure that it is in good running order. Once I have all the things in order, I call in my patients one by one.

What has been the strangest question that you have been asked while performing an EKG?
Maybe not the strangest but the funniest question that I have been asked was by an old lady who was concerned about the electrodes, and very innocently asked “if they would hurt”. It was quite an endearing moment!

How do you deal with uncooperative patients?
EKG technicians have their own share of uncooperative patients. I basically keep my calm and let them have their say first. I have seen that if you provide patients with a good deal of education before a procedure, they are not usually uncooperative, so I try to educate them as earlier on in the liaison as possible.

Apart from standard EKG tests, what other tests are you proficient in?
I am also adept at handling ETTs (exercise tolerance tests) and holter monitoring, apart from performing standard EKG tests.

In addition to working with patients, what other duties do you perform as an EKG technician?
Apart from working with patients, I am required to ensure the sanitization of procedure rooms, and ensure that EKG and other associated equipment is properly cleaned and maintained.

If you find out that a patient has some serious heart trouble, will you inform the patient immediately?
As an EKG technician, it is not within my rights to give a diagnosis. If I find out that a patient has a serious heart ailment, my first instinct will be to inform the doctor immediately, while providing reassurances to the patient.