EKG Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: October 29, 2016

Position Overview

You know that very nice person who attaches funny wires to your chest, arms and legs when you go in for a cardiac check-up? Well, that person has a designation – EKG technician! An EKG technician is a trained individual who performs tests to determine if you might have a cardiac disease. He or she will use his or her training and experience to operate electrocardiogram machinery that checks for heart rhythm and irregularities. The EKG is perhaps the first test that doctors order to determine if a patient has some heart trouble, which is why it is essential for EKG technicians to be great at what they do.

Educational and Other Requirements

To work as an EKG technician, you have to possess a high school diploma, GED or an equivalent, along with some cardiovascular laboratory experience or training. Since you will be dealing with patients primarily, it is important to possess a compassionate nature so that you can understand their predicament and help them come to terms with their conditions. Patient education is an important part of this work – you have to be able to explain to patients what process you are about to perform and how it will affect them.

EKG Technician Job Description for Resume

• Study doctors’ orders to determine the reason for asking for an EKG test
• Engage patients in information to determine their health / medical histories and any cardiac issues that they may be experiencing
• Instruct patients in how to ready themselves for the EKG test and provide assistance in preparing them physically and mentally
• Prepare examination / procedure rooms to by ensuring that they are properly cleaned and sanitized
• Ascertain that all supplies are available in the procedure room, at the time of examination
• Calibrate and test EKG machinery to ensure that it is in proper working condition
• Perform EKG tests on patients by hooking them up with electrodes, and gauging readings
• Print test results, study them and provide feedback to nurse managers and / or doctors
• Ascertain that the EKG machinery is properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and stored safely at the end of the shift
• Administer treadmill stress test and take and record patients’ vitals before, during and after the test
• Set up holter monitor for patients with heart conditions and keep a lookout for dodgy signs
• Maintain inventory of supplies required to perform EKG, ETT and holter monitoring tests