EKG Technician Resume Objectives

Updated on: October 29, 2016

Include a objective in a resume for EKG Technician position or leave it out?

Include for sure!

It cannot do your resume any harm – if anything, it will help you reach the interview stage. How? Well, this is how the chain works. Mostly, resume are put down almost as soon as they are picked up. Reason? Too much information and not enough “good” information. The objective acts as “good information”, making your resume feel less cumbersome to read.

An initial scan of your resume will be over in a few seconds. If you have included an objective, these few seconds will be used productively – the employer will get a chance to look at information that is given to him in a crux. Let’s face it – no one has the time to read 4 pages (or more) of content over and over again. Since hiring managers have a lot on their plate as they need to look at hundreds of resumes during the hunt for one person, it is imperative to give them something to hold their attention. That is what the resume objective does. Even if the hiring manager gets easily bored by reading long accounts of what an applicant has done in the past, he will have no choice but to read the objective as that is the beginning of a resume!

Writing a resume objective needs tact – write only what is relevant and do not bother telling your life story. Here are some examples of resume objectives for an EKG technician’s position:

EKG Technician Resume Objectives

• Seeking a position as an EKG Technician at Banner Health providing benefit of hands-on experience in non-invasive cardiology diagnostic testing, including EKGs, holter monitoring and ETTs.

• Dedicated EKG Technician with over 6 years of relevant experience looking for a position at Holy Cross Health. Offering a successful track record of preparing patients for cardiac tests, performing tests and recording results, and providing patient education to ensure their comfort and understanding of procedures.

• Highly qualified EKG Technician seeking a position at Mayo Clinic employing expertise in event recorder hookups and transmission, holter monitor placement and scanning, and ensuring that results are expedited for physician’s comment.

• Well-organized and driven EKG Technician who is known for compassionate nature and a great ability to get along well with coworkers and patients. Seeking a position with Mercy Health Services where proficiency in operating and maintaining cardiac diagnostic machines and providing accurate results will be fully utilized.

• Desire a position as an EKG Technician at JFK Medical. Bringing training and experience in performing tier 1 cardiac diagnostic tests, with a great focus on improving quality of patients’ lives, by providing doctors with accurate and prompt initial diagnosis.