EKG Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 30, 2016

A cover letter is nothing less than an invitation to a hiring manager to peek into your professional self. Make the invitation count for something. Remember that you are your own best critic when it comes to writing a cover letter – reading and rereading your cover letter several times after it has been written is important if you want it to gain attention.

Shortcuts? None! Where EKG Technician cover letter writing is concerned, shortcuts are not an option. You have to get things rolling by yourself, and on a predefined path. There are some things that need to be looked into with detail when attempting to write a cover letter that is a treat to read. The first thing is the “what” part of your cover letter. Make sure that you write with relevance – if the position for which you are applying is of an EKG technician, detailing your retail store experience isn’t going to win you any brownie points. The next is “how”. This is where your cover letter writing skills will truly come into play. Remember that you are being judged by every word that you write. How you include your qualifications, experience and accomplishments in a cover letter, matter. Do justice to it.


EKG Technician Cover Letter Sample


65 York Street
Talking Rock, GA 58441

October 30, 2016

Mr. Gregory Riggs
Hiring Manager
Summa Health
585 Green Road
Talking Rock, GA 66969


Dear Mr. Riggs:

If you need a top-performing EKG Technician with expertise in both in-hospital and outpatient settings, I offer a proven track record. Owing to 5 years’ extensive experience in performing preventing electrocardiogram testing for a number of cardiac diseases, I have come a long way over the past 5 years. Putting this experience to the test, I have achieved exceptional results in terms of identifying diseases, thereby assisting cardiac health monitors in handling their cases efficiently.

Some of the areas that I am most competent in include:

❖ EKG Examinations
❖ Pacemaker Interrogation
❖ Treadmill Stress Tests
❖ Patient Education
❖ Holter Monitoring
❖ Emergency Response

Proud of my ability to determine cardiac stress during advanced EKG examinations, I have been responsible for saving lives more than once. As a conscientious individual, with extensive exposure to handling superior quality electrocardiograms, I am sure that my addition to your team of technicians will prove to be a credit to your facility.

To prove that I am all that I claim (and more), I would like to meet with you in person. I will call your office next Thursday to arrange an interview time. If you need to contact me, I can be reached at (000) 253-8544.



Daniella Jones