Auto Body Technician Objectives Examples

Updated on: February 27, 2018

An auto body technician resume objective should be considered the glory of your most important job application document.

If you opt to leave it out, you are doing the competition a great favor. And you don’t want to let another candidate for the same job take your place.

Creating a resume objective is essential for many reasons, the most basic being the fact that it gives the hiring authority something to hold on to. He or she will expect that whatever is written in an objective will be further explained in the resume – which is usually the case.

So it is vital for you to link the information that you place in your objective with what you intend to write in the skills and qualifications sections. Of course, a little mention of experience will be welcome as well.

Usually, resumes which do not begin with an objective are considered challenging to navigate and understand, as their path isn’t too clear. Yes, it is a good idea to include a resume objective. But it is as essential to ensure that your objective is clear, precise, and to the point.

A few samples of resume objectives for the position of an auto body technician are provided below for reference purposes:


Sample Objectives for Auto Body Technician Resume


• Highly skilled and experienced Auto Body Technician, with expertise exposure to fixing damaged and accidental cars, by performing a wide variety of repairing, denting, and painting work. Presently seeking a position as Auto Works Inc.

• Exceptionally talented Auto Body Technician, with over 7 years of experience, looking for a position at Current Autos. Offering excellent skills in determining auto damage and wear and tear, and providing correlating solutions, aimed at customer satisfaction.

• Seeking a position as an Auto Body Technician at The Car Repairers by providing the benefit of extensive experience in determining auto damage, and performing repair activities such as removing damaged parts, fixing or replacing damaged parts, and realigning car frames.

• Desire a position as an Auto Body Technician with The Technic Feed. Offering demonstrated expertise in inspecting vehicles to determine extent and type of damage and providing repair and replacement solutions to customers.

• To obtain a position as an Auto Body Technician at Corrective Measures. Eager to apply well-placed proficiencies in determining the type of damage vehicles have incurred, planning courses of action, creating estimates, and performing repair activities to bring vehicles as close to their original conditions as possible.