5 Objectives for Patient Care Technician Resume

Updated on: August 2, 2021

Patient Care Technicians (PCT) assist patients, physicians, and other healthcare staff in providing direct patient care within a variety of settings. These settings may include hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.

A patient care technician may be required to collect samples, record health information, and assist patients with personal needs. 

PCTs are required to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent. Employers prefer candidates who have had some training in the patient care field, but it is not necessary as there is a lot to learn on the job.

Applying for this position will require a candidate to write a resume that possesses specific information about patient care and related activities.

Understanding that the most important part of a resume is the objective statement. Therefore, candidates must be cautious when writing one as they will need to place the entire PCT skills set in just a couple of sentences.

Here are some you can use:

Patient Care Technician Resume Objective Samples

1. Looking for a position as a Patient Care Technician at Family Hospital where knowledge of patient care and corresponding experience in providing direct care will be utilized to assist healthcare staff effectively.

2. A position as a Patient Care Technician with Green Hospice to make use of compassionate nature to help patients in handling everyday work that they are unable to perform themselves.

3. To obtain a position as a Patient Care Technician at Sava Senior Care. Offering 6 years of extensive experience working in an assisted living facility with a passion for working towards helping the elderly live a dignified life.

4. Seeking a Patient Care Technician position with Alley Don Hospital where my patient care skills and experiences will be utilized to assist the hospital staff with looking after patients.

Entry Level PCT Resume Objective Example

5. A qualified and dynamic patient care technician poised to obtain a position at Seven Seas Hospital to leverage extensive knowledge of a hospital environment with a compassionate nature to contribute extensively.