Resume Objective Statements for Patient Care Technician

Updated on March 9, 2019

Patient Care Technicians (PCT) assist patients, physicians and other healthcare staff in providing direct patient care within a variety of settings.

These settings may include hospitals, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and nursing homes.

A patient care technician may be required to collect samples, record health information and assist patients with personal needs.

PCTs are required to have at least a high school diploma or an equivalent. Employers prefer candidates who have had some training in patient care, but it is not necessary as there is a lot to learn on the job.

Applying for this position will require a candidate to write a resume that possesses specific information about patient care and related activities.

Understanding that the most important part of a resume is the objective statement. Therefore, candidates must be cautious when writing one as they will need to place entire PCT skills set in just a couple of sentences.

Here are some you can use:



Patient Care Technician Resume Objective Samples

• Looking for a position as a Patient Care Technician at Family Hospital where knowledge of patient care and corresponding experience in providing direct care will be utilized to assist healthcare staff effectively.

• A position as a Patient Care Technician with Green Hospice using compassionate nature to help patients in handling everyday work that they are unable to perform themselves

• To obtain a position of Patient Care at Sava Senior Care. Offering extensive experience in working in an assisted living facility with the passion for working towards helping the elderly live a dignified life

• Seeking a Patient Care Technician position with Alley Don Hospital where my patient care skills and medical knowledge are utilized to assist the hospital staff with looking after patients

• A qualified and dynamic patient care technician, looking for a similar position at Seven Seas Hospital. Bringing extensive knowledge of a hospital environment with a compassionate nature to complement the position