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Updated on: May 3, 2019

Monitor techs or cardiac monitor tech are healthcare professionals who work in hospitals or specialized heart care centers

Their main job is to observe changes in patients’ heart rates and ensure that they are provided with the treatment that they require.


Monitor techs use telemetry equipment in order to view a patient’s heart rate and determine what treatment needs to be extended.

They usually go through a rigorous training session and are required to acquire certification to be able to apply for this job.

Some monitor techs learn on the job as well.

If this particular line of healthcare interests you, you can use the following cover letter sample to apply for a job in this capacity.



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Monitor Technician Cover Letter Sample


392 Marie Circle
Sabattus, ME 35321
Cell: (921) 999-999
Email: ford @ email . com

May 3, 2019

Mr. Gary Cooper
Manager HR
Sabattus Hospital
637 Juniper E
Sabattus, ME 99219


Dear Mr. Cooper:

I am interested in the Monitor Tech position currently available at Sabattus Hospital. My interest in working with telemetry equipment to make solid determinations is acute and I would like to explore it further in a capacity that only your hospital can provide.

Prior to my CCHMC certification, I was working as a volunteer at the Family Health Hospital where I was provided much exposure to coordinating the monitoring of cardiac patients with clerical functions of the unit that I was working in.

After I acquired my certification, I was trained in recognizing actionable conditions on cardiac monitors and can now detect appropriate algorithms by interpreting the views on the monitor. Apart from managing the healthcare part of this job, I worked actively for the unit office by providing data entry services and assisting nurses in devising individual plans of care for each patient.

Eventually, I would like to work on a different level in a healthcare environment but for now, I believe being a monitor tech is my vocation. Please refer to my resume (enclosed) to acquire an insight into what all my skills stand for. It would be an honor to speak with you personally and discuss this situation in a great deal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Truly yours,

Samantha Ford

Enc. Resume

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