Monitor Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: August 18, 2018

Monitor technicians work at hospitals or other healthcare settings where their primary duty is to keep a check on patients’ cardiac monitors and inform specialists of any changes thereof.

This career is usually taken up by people who want to work in a healthcare setting but cannot educate themselves for whatever constraints. Regardless, monitor technicians are considered health professionals and need to possess some skills necessary for this trade.

Take a look at the following example of a cover letter that this professional may write to secure a Monitor Technician position.



Monitor Technician Resume Example


Mathew Edward
409 Village Lane, Bennington, VT 53418
(000) 921-9009, Email


5+ years’ hands-on experience functioning as a nursing attendant and telemetry technician in the busy healthcare settings. Ability to operate cardiac monitors and EKG machine and provide surveillance services for cardiac monitors. Competent in evaluating and interpreting EKG readings. Proficient in interpreting medical terminology for comprehension purposes

• CPR and First Aid trained
• Excellent understanding of medical terminology
• Outstanding patient service ethics
• Profound ability to work the third shift
• Demonstrated ability to multitask and organize work efficiently

• Integrated a complex system of cardiac monitors between wards and the central unit in order to centralize the flow of information
• Awarded Employee of the Year award for providing excellence in surveillance services in 2011


Monitor Technician
Rosewood Health Services – Bennington, VT        2016-present
• Monitor cardiac monitors for changes and alarms
• Observe patient rhythms and notify nurses appropriately
• Ensure all equipment is in perfect working order at all times
• Transcribe specialists’ orders
• Stock patient supplies
• Document vital patient information
• Obtain and record vital signs

Monitor Technician
Northwell Health, New York, NY
• Recognized arrhythmias and obtained documentary strip
• Reported arrhythmias to nurse
• Obtained EKG’s
• Obtained a baseline strip each shift
• Replaced electrode pads, wires, and batteries
• Assured that all emergency equipment was cleaned and checked

Advanced Medical Technician program
CCU course
Technical College,  Bennington, VT