CAD Technician Resume Sample

Updated August 14, 2018

Computer Aided Design Technicians or more popularly known as CAD Technicians work with specialized computer software that draws sketches of buildings, sewer systems, and electronic components depending on the setting they are working in. Their job is to create a graphical representation of a proposed project to assist project designers. CAD technicians are highly skilled professionals who have to possess experience in CAD software.

When writing a CAD Technician Resume, keep in mind that employers are seeking written evidence of your qualifications and skills. Note the word ‘evidence’. It implies that a mere statement of your abilities will not suffice. You need to give them some proof of your potential.

Below are some tips to help you build an effective resume for CAD Technician job:

Separate section for technical skills

CAD is a specialized field, and an effective CAD resume must contain a section dedicated to the candidate’s technical capabilities.

Tabulated core competencies

Add a table containing your skills and areas of expertise.

Powered profile summary

Top your resume with a profile or summary, catering directly to the employer’s needs.

An outline of achievements

Impress the employers by stating a few of your professional accomplishments.



CAD Technician Resume Sample 1


Kevin Costa

304 Alvin Horizon • Houston, TX 45002 • (000) 222-9444
kevin @ email . com


Versatile and technically aggressive CAD professional with full command on the production of electronic versions of technical drawings, especially architectural blueprints. Broad experience in collaborative and independent design development for buildings and machinery. Track record of enabling 3D virtual tours around proposed buildings.
• Proven leader with massive team motivation skills.
• Analytical minded and detail oriented individual.
• Extensive knowledge of the 4S building code and its implications.

Software: AutoCAD, Vid-CAD, GIS, and PDIM
PC: Excel, Powerpoint, Project, and Visio


– Solid Modeling – Steel Fabrication – Dimensioning
– Scaling – Multi-View Drafting – Demolition Proposals
– Sketch Conversions – Layout Translation – Sq. Footage Calculation
– Conduit Investigation – P&ID’s Development – Metric Systems

• Developed an automated blueprint for a 6 story complex industrial plant design within a period of 4 months.
• Pioneered in implementing PDM software at TYCO which resulted in enhancing overall data integrity by 45%.
• Achieved the ‘Most Talented Employee Award’ in 2011.


Sr. Auto CAD Technician | 3/2011 – Present
• Generate graphics presentations and develop design plans for specialized drafting based on project
• Prepare complex 3D and 2D site layout plans
• Build and present topography cross sections and profiles while considering calculated earthwork volumes
• Develop and maintain system flow details, floor and ceiling plans, mounting details and constructional documentation

TYCO, Houston, TX
CAD support Technician | 6/2008 to 2/2011
• Ensured consistency of designs with building codes
• Facilitated senior auto-CAD technicians in developing designs based on customer defined specifications
• Determined and executed appropriate construction control systems on plans

TECHNOCITY, Houston, TX, 2008


CAD Technician Resume Sample 2 (Less Experienced)


Jonathan Allen
53 N Woods Lane, Rogers, AR 92736
(900) 709-9009, Email

Looking for a position as a CAD Technician with MWH Global utilizing skillful aptitude in design layout translation and exceptional ability to perform detailed drawings.

• Worked as a CAD Technician for three years in an architectural setting
• Highly proficient in operating Auto CAD 2011
• Adept at managing, organizing and laying out drawing requirements
• Hands on experience in producing three-dimensional drawings
• Excellent pencil drawing skills
• Proficient in using AutoCAD and GEOPAK
• Demonstrated ability to manage 2D and 3D drawings
• Knowledge of output devices, imperial and metric systems
• Outstanding organizational and communication skills

• Achieved 3D designs drawing for a particularly cumbersome multiplex building design
• Created an automated program that incorporated interactive graphics now standing as the company’s lone product for sale


Armstrong Group – Rogers, AR                        2015-present
CAD Technician
• Perform advanced and specialized drafting depending on the project
• Develop graphics presentations and prepare design plans
• Calculate quantities for design purposes
• Produce drawings keeping budgets in mind
• Document CAD data creation
• Produce high-quality maps and reports
• Maintain active communication with contractors
• Perform research work where required

Graduate from American Drafting Design Association – 2008