Building Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: November 15, 2016


One of the most nerve-wracking things that we have done in our professional lives is create a resume.

The importance of impressing a hiring manager is high at this point, and resume-writing really takes the mickey out of us! But one has to do what one has to do, and writing a resume is something that you have to do if obtaining a job is your goal.

Here is a sample resume for building maintenance technician position that can help you:


Building Maintenance Technician Resume Sample


Trevor Millard

45 Dupe Lane | Roodhouse, IL 78002 | (000) 584-8541 | trevmil @ email . com


Performance Summary
Robust and physically agile individual with over 7 years of experience working in different building maintenance capacities. Excellent decision maker and communicator who has professional work ethics. Recognized for producing results in a busy environment with tight deadlines. Equally effective in:
• Preventative and predictive maintenance on residential and commercial buildings
• Journeyman level maintenance and repair
• Conducting routine inspections

Core Maintenance Skills

• Electrical Repair • Carpentry • Log Maintenance
• Furniture Assembly • Painting • Door Hardware
• Preventative Maintenance • HVAC Repair • Workplace Safety
• Risk Management • Building Codes • Site Inspection
• Equipment Operation • Mechanical Repair • Inventory Management

• Singlehandedly revamped a large commercial building’s security system, making it 50% more efficient than before
• Converted an entire HVAC system (running on outdated equipment) without any downtime
• Successfully implemented a pest control system which managed to immediately address a rat infestation inside a residential building
• Trained 15 apprentices the art of building maintenance as part of their induction session


Building Maintenance Technician
West Suburban Bank, Roodhouse, IL | 6/2010 – Present

• Inspect premises to determine the need for building maintenance and / or repair
• Perform surveys to decipher the type and quantity of equipment and resources required for maintenance and repair jobs
• Maintain electrical systems by changing or replacing light bulbs and ensuring that all switches work properly
• Set up refrigeration and ventilation systems and conduct repairs as and when required
• Ascertain the functionality of heating and plumbing systems by performing key maintenance activities
• Perform manual repair work such as replacing locks and fixing windows
• Handle pest control activities by timely and efficiently coordinating efforts to spray pesticides
• Ascertain the safety and security of people and premises by constantly keeping a watch around the premises and reporting any suspicious activities

Maintenance Apprentice
American Furniture, Roodhouse, IL| 2/2009 – 5/2010

• Assisted in repairing and maintaining alarm and HVAC systems
• Cleared and readied work places and ensured that any post maintenance mess is properly cleared away
• Created and maintained inventory of maintenance equipment and supplies
• Cleaned and repaired circuit breaker panels and repaired and replaced sockets and switches
• Undertook pest control activities by following directions for infestation control, including spraying pesticides within the building premises

City Community School, Roodhouse, IL – 2009
Trade Certificate in Building and Construction Technology


Illinois State Limited Maintenance Electrician

Universal Refrigerant license

• Enjoy extensive traveling
• Work with minimal supervision
• Flexible schedule

• MS Word and Excel