AC (Air Conditioning) Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: December 16, 2021

An AC Technician Resume typically summarizes a candidate’s work experiences, educational background, and skills that relate to the AC Technician job.

The main goal of a resume is to get the candidate an interview, which implies that the resume should be specifically tailored for the job.

How to Write a Great Resume for AC Technician Job?
  1. Be consistent in your formatting and layout throughout the document
  2. Don’t forget to proofread your resume for typos and grammatical errors at least three times
  3. Quantify your achievements where possible
  4. Write a profile or summary at the beginning followed by your relevant competencies
  5. Include only relevant information and be concise 

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Here is an example for you to get ideas from:

AC Technician Resume Example

Robert Carter
566 Evergreen Lane, Appleton, WI 67443
(000) 666-5842
robert . carter @ email . com

Track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations and AC maintenance needs.

Highly accomplished and well-qualified with hands-on experience in installing and repairing complex air conditioning systems. Safety-oriented; competent at a multitude of diagnostic methods and handling of humidity recording equipment. Extensive knowledge of automatic and centrally fitted systems air conditioning systems. 

• Implemented an effective preventive maintenance schedule that reduced service calls by 40%.
• Cost-effectively fabricated an AC component from scratch, saving the company an additional cost of $1000.


AC Technician

  • Respond to service calls timely
  • Calibrate auto AC systems
  • Keep a record of services delivered
  • Conduct engineering analysis, preventive maintenance of installed systems
  • Toubleshoot technical issues
  • Use blueprints and schematic diagrams for installation of new systems and repairing of the same
  • Estimate materials required for given tasks and order the supplies needed

Journeyman Assistant

  • Accompanied the journeyman on visit tasks
  • Assisted in diagnosing and fixing problems in pre-installed air conditioning systems
  • Maintained and organized all tools
  • Provided emergency repairs
  • Kept track of service requests
  • Earned the most punctual technician award

HVAC Diploma
Some Technical College, Appleton, WI – 2010

– Humidity Monitoring
– Seal Repairs
– Unit Checking
– Digital Controls
– HVAC Troubleshooting
– Gas Charging
– AC Installation
– Pneumatic Controls
– Component Replacement
– Operational Testing
– Problem Diagnosis
– Microprocessors

• Load lifting ability: 60 lbs
• Bilingual: Fluent in English and Spanish
• Apt at understanding and following written instructions

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