10 Optometry Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 15, 2022

If you have been shortlisted for an optometry technician interview, it is a good idea to study some sample interview questions and answers before an interview.

Here are 10 common Optometry Technician interview questions and answers for your guidance:

1. What skills qualify you for this job?

My skills in record keeping, verbal communication, and expertise in visual impairment rectification products and procedures qualify me for the job.

2. What is the most rewarding aspect of being an Optometry Technician?

It enables me to help others overcome their visual impairments and it is rewarding to know that in some way I am contributing to improving their quality of life.

3. Which data-keeping software are you familiar with?

I am well versed in the usage of Revolution EHR, Crystal Practice Management, and Eye-finity Officemate.

4. Why do you want to work with us?

I want to join your team as I have always been inspired by your products and reputation in the field of optometric research.

5. Why should we hire you?

I’m a professional and experienced optometry technician and my profile exceeds your job requirements. I am also an active follower of the latest developments in the field of optometric research.

6. What is the basic information that you collect about patient history upon initial visit?

The basic information I collect from patients during their initial visits includes general health, history of visual diseases in the family, a record of any previously conducted visual assessments or procedures, and current medications if any.

7. What considerations do you keep in mind while making a pair of lenses?

Anterior chamber depth assessment, shape, and size of the pupil, patient history, and refractometry analysis are the key considerations when making a pair of lenses.

8. What have you done to improve your knowledge in the field of optometry in the past 2 years?

I have always followed research in the field of optometry actively. During the past 2 years, I have attended 3 workshops regarding various developments in optical coherence tomography (OCT), Multifocal contact lenses, and training in eye models created using a 3D printer.

9. Tell us about a challenge you faced in your previous job?

A few months back, we introduced a new vision testing mechanism at our set up and my training in that was not completed. My trainer called in sick, and that day was particularly challenging however I coordinated with him on the phone and used the equipment effectively.

10. How do you handle a client who is not satisfied with a product you recommended?

Such clients are usually irate because they are in discomfort. So, first I calm them down by assuring them that their problem will be fixed. Then I ask questions regarding their issue and address the problem. I also make follow-up calls to ensure they are satisfied with the product.

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