6 Medication Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: November 1, 2020

A Medication Technician interview tells a hiring manager if all the things that you boasted of in your resume and cover letter are indeed the truth. Once you are sitting on the job seeker’s side of the interview table, you will need to be prepared for a lot of bombardment.

Here is a set of questions and answers for a medication technician interview, to help you prepare for yours:

6 Possible Interview Questions and Answers Medication Technician 

1. Tell us about some of the duties that you have performed in the role of a medication technician.

While working as a medication technician, I have been busy assisting professionals in the creation, development, and implementation of medication programs. Apart from this, I have been actively involved in administering medication to assigned patients or residents, observing them, and ensuring that they respond to medicines in a positive manner, creating and maintaining logs of administered medication, taking and recording vital signs, and keeping medication files current and up to date.

2. What skills do you believe a medication technician needs in order to work successfully?

To successfully work as a medication technician, it is imperative to possess great organizational skills, and the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Apart from this, it is important for medication techs to possess inherent knowledge of different kinds of medicines, their dosages, and their administration procedures. Furthermore, a person working in this position needs to be able to communicate well with patients and healthcare professionals.

3. What part of the work do you find the hardest?

I do not find the work hard at all. Yes, it is challenging at some points, but to say that it is difficult indicates the inability to do it. And I am able to handle all aspects of the work in a profound manner.

4. How do you feel about having to work in a fast-paced environment?

Working as a medication technician is definitely working in a fast-paced environment. I like it because it provides me with great motivation to do my work well. In fact, I enjoy a day in which there is much to do.

5. How do you feel about working with patients who may get aggressive at times?

The way I see it, patients come to doctors or are enrolled in programs because they are usually distressed. Since this state of mind is a given, it is alright for them to be a little aggressive now and then. I don’t mind it one bit. If a situation such as this does transpire, I keep my cool and keep moving.

6. What are your 5-year plans, as far as the medical field is concerned?

I have always aspired to be a nurse, for which I intend to take up some training, and enroll in a bachelor’s program as well.