Top 12 Internal Auditor Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: December 15, 2022

An internal auditor is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the business process, producing audit reports, and implementing compliance policy.

Many companies hire internal auditors to streamline their business processes and mitigate the risk of financial loss.

In order to apply for an internal auditor job, you will need to write a compelling resume.

In order to make your resume attractive, you have to start your resume with an objective statement.

In the objective statement, highlight your core competencies and passion to work for the employer.

Here are some examples for further guidance.

Top 10 Internal Auditor Resume Objective Examples

1. Seasoned and meticulous internal auditor with 6+ years of experience in risk management and compliance, risk assessment, process flow analysis, and public accounting. Looking to join Moon Enterprises in a similar capacity where my skills can be put to effective use. Strong accounting skills with keen attention to detail.

2. Highly methodical and focused internal auditor with a decade of relevant experience seeking a similar role with AAA enterprises. Bringing expertise in assessment, evaluation, and compliance assurance.

3. Top-performing internal auditor with strong accounting and finance skills, eager to join ABC Company. Offering skills in risk mitigation, process flow analysis, and general compliance to streamline the books of the company.

4. Competent auditing professional with strong decision-making skills, knowledge of various risk aversion strategies, and a profound ability to communicate policy breaches effectively to concerned parties. Excited to join Kennan Holdings in the capacity of an internal auditor.

5. Seasoned internal auditor with strong analytical skills, and a track record of facilitating various financial and operational audits. Looking for a similar role with Horton Enterprises where my skills and training can be used effectively.

6. Certified internal auditor with great attention to detail, an expert in ensuring conformity of financial statements with the IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) and corporate regulations. Offering auditing services to Vision & Co.

7. Diligent and motivated internal auditor with 8 years of experience in risk assessment and policy compliance. Eager to identify risks, conduct detailed analyses, and produce audit reports regarding internal control systems at Timothy Greens Group.

8. Reliable and proactive internal auditor with 7+ years of experience in IFRS, audit reporting, and compliance. Seeking employment with ABC Company where I will be able to contribute significantly. Familiar with modern auditing software including auditor, intelex, and Netwrix.

9. Results-driven internal auditor with a track record of verifying assets by comparing items to documentation, and completing paperwork by documenting results and findings accurate information. Poised to work for XYZ company where my experience and skills will be fully utilized.

10. To obtain a challenging role as an internal auditor at ACB Co. Poised to use my expertise in accounting systems, comparing data, auditing payroll, and inspecting account books and accounting systems.

11. Detail-oriented internal auditor with exceptional analytical power, and a track record of executing timely risk management and assuring compliance through effective internal audits. Excited to work for Glendale Holdings as an Internal Auditor.

12. Enthusiastic and skillful auditing professional with 6+ years of experience in financial analysis, policy assessment, business processes, and quality assurance. In search of an internal auditing position at AAA Company.

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