4 School Aide Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: February 17, 2022

Your first impression as a school aide will most probably get etched into an interviewer’s head, and it will be difficult to get it out.

Make sure that the first impression that you portray during a school aide interview is a positive one, as you cannot expect an interviewer to be “objective” in determining your individuality.

However, the interview process can put the best and most experienced school aides through a rain of jitters and uncertainties.

Even if you are giving your 100th interview, you will still be at the edge because one never knows what to expect during the course of one.

Every interview is different and every interviewer is different too. If you were let off easy the last time you sat at this end of the interview table, you may not this time.

So prepare as well as you can and give it all that you have.

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4 Common School Aide Interview Questions and Answers

1. What have been your specific duties as a school aid?
OR In your opinion, what are the typical duties of a School Aide?

At the educational institute that I was working for, I was responsible for providing classroom assistance to the lead teacher, handling teaching aids development duties, monitoring students in class and during outdoor activities, marking late arrivals, assisting the school office in maintaining records, and providing assistance in organizing school supplies inventories.

2. As a school aide, what do you think is the “most required” skill?

School aides are actually closer to students than lead teachers are, which is why it is imperative for them to be able to handle student behavior in a profound manner. Research skills and the ability to handle lesson planning activities are also important, as is inherent patience since one has to handle a lot of not very savory situations at times.

3. Why should we hire you?

As a school aide, I have many credits to my name. Not only can I work in a classroom environment and provide teaching assistance, but I can also perform equally well in an administrative role in a school office. The last 2 schools with whom I have worked are very impressed with my ability to monitor students effectively, assist students with special needs, and provide on-time and relevant information that can be used for classroom instruction procedures. I believe that I am a great choice to be hired at your school.

4. What are your 5-year goals? Do you see yourself set in a school aide role in 2024?

I am presently working to attain a teacher training certificate and will eventually want to work as a lead teacher. In the next five years, I intend to work in a dedicated teaching assistant role, with my eyes on becoming a lead teacher at an elementary school.