Key Achievements for a Personal Assistant Resume

Updated on April 18, 2015

One common suggestion that you will come across quite often is to make your resume accomplishments-oriented. But what happens if your job does not lend itself to successes that can be easily documented? And what if you only have a list of your job duties in your mind and do not know how they can come across as achievements?

Let us look at it this way – job duties are what you did in a role; achievements are how well you did. Easy, right? Right! In order to understand how achievements can be listed, let us take the example of a personal assistant. Writing down a list of possible achievements that you can write on a resume for a personal assistant position (mostly administrative) will get noticed quickly – and produce the results that you want, i.e. get you to the interview stage quickly.

To write accomplishments on a personal assistant resume, you will first need to flesh out all that classifies as an achievement during the course of your career. Keeping a track of your accomplishments helps – since accomplishments paint a clear picture of the impact that you have had in each job that you have held, they are considered a very important part of a resume.

Some examples of key achievements for a personal assistant include:

Key Achievements for a Personal Assistant Resume

• Instrumental in the implementation of a client scheduling program than decreased scheduling time by 50%

• Cultivated 79% of walk-in clients into opening accounts by engaging them in conversation and selling them the “idea” of being an Ikea client

• Reorganized office systems by employing novel data management and filing directives

• Revamped the call screening process by implementing an auto-responder script at the company helpline

• Reigned in rollercoaster project coined Project Hurricane by incorporating direct research and trend information

• Decreased paper wastage by 30% by introducing a “scan and save” method for filing old receipts

• Introduced a diary system that automatically alerted each executive of impending work schedules and appointments

• Put in place a central appointments system that took information from online forms filled out by patients and allotted them a dynamic appointment number

• Prepared and presented a large scale marketing presentation through which the company was awarded a $10m project

• Increased office correspondence efficiency by 60% by creating letter formats to be used as basis of correspondence for all types of situations

• Decreased electricity costs by 59k through suggesting use of alternative energy (solar panels)