3 Instructional Aide Resume Samples

Updated on: July 22, 2023

An instructional aide position is that of ultimate responsibility, which is why employers are especially cautious when choosing the right candidate for this position. Resumes for instructional aides should be written with great care.

How to Write a Winning Resume for an Instructional Aide Position?

  1. Make your resume a unique piece of writing by adding your relevant skills and experiences in a compelling manner.
  2. Show your enthusiasm and ability to perform the Instructional Aide job.
  3. Mention what you can bring using your hands-on experiences and transferable skills to contribute to the success of the employer.
  4. Send an Instructional Aide Cover Letter along with your resume.

Take a look at the following resume samples to get more ideas.

Instructional Aide Resume Sample 1
(10+ Years Experience)

Isaac Blake
Baton Rouge, LA 33399
(000) 854-9656
[email protected]

“I offer a strong passion for literacy along with inspiration to create a challenging yet fun learning environment.

Uniquely qualified Instructional aide with 12+ years’ extensive experience in creating and imparting instruction to students with varying educational needs. Effectively works with students with physical and mental limitations. Able to plan creative and effective lessons aimed at meeting individual students’ learning curves. Functional ability to employ compassion and sensitivity during stressful situations and handle distressing situations with tact.

• Created and implemented a core curriculum for students aged between 3 and 9 in the absence of the lead teacher.
• Increased readership of books designed for special needs students by 30% by incorporating storytelling techniques.
• Implemented a teacher-directed behavioral modification program, which resulted in a 40% increase in student response.
• Developed a measurement system for student performance and achievement.


Instructional Aide
Spectrum, Baton Rouge LA
4/2013 – Present
• Assist lead teacher in developing curriculum and lessons for students with special needs.
• Provide support in imparting lessons to students by reading aloud and providing assistance with independent reading.
• Supervise students in small groups and practice activities and drills.
• Reinforce learning objectives and assist the teacher with lesson direction.
• Assist students with written activities and educational games.
• Supervise students in the absence of the lead teacher.
• Observe students for signs of agitation and address issues immediately.
• Confer with parents to provide them with information on student progress.
• Monitor program suitability for each student and give feedback to the lead teacher so that modifications can be incorporated.
• Motivate students and encourage them to perform tasks that they feel they are unable to do.

Teacher Assistant
Appleton Learning, Baton Rouge, LA
1/2009 – 4/2013
• Provided support to the lead teacher in imparting instructions to students.
• Assisted students in learning concepts and applying them within a controlled class environment.
• Marked and corrected worksheets and homework.
• Monitored students during outdoor and indoor activities.
• Supervised students during lunchtime and home time.
• Assisted lead teacher in preparing instructional materials.
• Maintained records of students including contact information and attendance records.

Private Capacity, Baton Rouge, LA

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Concordia Technical College, Baton Rouge, LA
Major: Early Childhood Education

• Self-respect Promotion • Teaching Strategies
• Cooperative Relationships • Behavioral Modification
• Classroom Management • Curriculum Development
• Communication • Educational Games

• MS Word and Excel
• Internet and Email
• Social Media
• Audio Visual Equipment

Instructional Aide Resume Sample 2
(5 Years Experience)

Lilly Mason
450 Fragrant Ave
Brooklyn, NY 76222
(000) 231-3432 


Performance-driven educational paraprofessional with a firm grasp on discipline maintenance and behavioral management. Intellectually aggressive in devising learning activities based on the curriculum. Track record of improvising common instructional strategies with the aim of enhancing their effectiveness.

• Expert in student progress charting and PTM organization.
• Commendable ability to act as a substitute teacher while following the lesson plan to book.
• Proficient in identifying and handling the psycho-social needs of students.


Instructional Aide
9/2017 – Present
• Implement modern teaching aids which increased efficiency by 30%.
• Provide one-to-one tutoring sessions to students, enhancing overall student performance by 50%.
• Achieve the most supportive instructional aide award in 2015.
• Maintain each student’s portfolio and progress charts.
• Devise supportive learning activities to ensure proper concept building.
• Schedule parent-teacher meetings and remain in constant communication with the parents and teaching faculty regarding students’ progress.

Teacher’s Assistant
3/2013 – 9/2017
• Assisted lead teacher in lesson planning and delivery.
• Effectively communicated homework assignment details to students and marked the same.
• Updated all bulletin boards regularly.
• Supervised the students during break hours and off time.

Associate of Arts in Education
Major: Early Childhood Education
York College, Brooklyn, NY

– Curriculum Implementation – Parent Communication
– Activity Development – Homework Coordination
– Lesson Planning – Teacher Assistance
– Progress Reporting – Attendance Record

MS Office Applications, Social Media, Email

Entry Level Instructional Aide Resume Sample 3
(No Experience)

Sara Chris
Houston, TX 52144
(000)-456 7890
[Email Address here]

Seeking a position as an Instructional Aide with AA College, utilizing exceptional teaching assistance skills to manage the classroom effectively.

• Excellent knowledge of working with the adult audience in a post-secondary environment
• Ability to deal effectively with a multicultural student population
• Excellent time management, secretarial, and multitasking skills
• Able to work successfully with mature students having learning disabilities
• Strong conflict-resolution and problem-solving abilities
• Excellent communication skills
• Computer: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint


Texas Community School, Houston, TX
1/2023 – 2/2023
• Provided personal care and assistance to students.
• Maintained classroom equipment, records, and student files to ensure timely availability.
• Assisted licensed staff to teach students by applying lesson plans, directorial tests, and instructional activities and by teaching library skills.
• Performed clerical duties associated with the instructional assignments to instruct students.
• Observed individual students, playground, and classroom activities to give a safe and positive environment.

Master of Science in Sociology
City University, Houston, TX | (Ongoing)

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