Elementary School Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: January 26, 2023

Writing a good Elementary School Teaching resume is not everyone’s forte. But everyone has to do it.

To make sure that your resume is up to the mark, base it on the following format:

Elementary School Teaching Assistant Resume Example

Ardeen York
Wilmington, DE 19374
(000) 342-3421
ardyork @ email . com


Student-focused and exceptionally talented Teaching Assistant with over 12 years of experience working in busy elementary school settings. Highly skilled in providing both one-on-one and group instruction in support of the lead teacher. Actively assists in the creation and implementation of lesson plans. Works well independently as well as as part of a team.

✓ Instruction Reinforcement ✓ Student Encouragement
✓ Special Needs Assistance ✓ Program Development
✓ Activities Leadership ✓ Individual Attention
✓ Student Assessment ✓ Subject Matter Presentation
✓ Behavior Management ✓ Demonstrations
✓ Assignments Checking ✓ Grading and Marking

• Successfully incorporated a special needs student into a mainstream class, with exceptional outcomes.
• Devised a novel student assessment system, which tested students without the pressure of exams.
• Implemented a behavior management program, which was 55% more successful than the one already in place.
• Led a class as a lead teacher for 5 weeks, in the absence of the actual lead teacher.


Teaching Assistant
Catapult Learning, Wilmington, DE 
5/2018 – Present
• Assist lead teachers in the development and implementation of core lesson plans.
• Reinforce instruction provided by the lead teacher, both to groups, and individual students.
• Oversee student behavior within the class, and intervene where behavioral problems arise.
• Create resources for learning purposes keeping each child’s individual personality in mind.
• Provide support for the social and emotional development of students, reporting any necessary issues.
• Take and record attendance and ensure that students’ records are updated and maintained confidentially.
• Assist students with extracurricular activities, keeping an eye out for their safety and wellbeing.
• Provide well-placed assistance and support to students with special needs, ensuring that they are properly set into their surroundings.

Teaching Aide
St. Adams Elementary School, Wilmington, DE
12/2011 – 5/2018
• Led classroom instruction and activities during the lead teacher’s absence.
• Created and implemented learning resources to assist students in comprehending complex concepts.
• Provided assistance to students with learning difficulties, focusing on their strengths.
• Checked and marked assignments and tests and highlighted any causes for concern.
• Created and maintained student records in a confidential manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Delaware State University, Wilmington, DE – 2010