2 Teaching Assistant Resume Samples [7 Writing Tips]

Updated on: August 28, 2021

Thinking of applying for a teaching assistant position? You will need to write a resume first. 

In a teaching assistant resume, you will need to include your professional details in different sections using bullet points.

The main sections of a good teaching assistant resume include:
• Summary or Objective Statement
• Core Competencies
• Professional Experience and Achievements
• Education

In each of these sections, you should write information relevant to the teaching assistant role.

How to Write a Professional Resume for Teaching Assistant Position?

Here are 7 Tips to help you write a great resume:

  1. Choose a simple and well-spaced format for maximum readability.
  2. Tailor your resume to meet the employer’s requirements specifically.
  3. Start using  summary or objective stament.
  4. Mention your competencies and skills as a teaching assistant.
  5. List your work experience and relevant achievements.
  6. Send a convincing teaching assistant cover letter along with your resume.
  7. Review and reread your resume before sending.


Teaching Assistant Resume Example 1

Trevor Wood
622 Land Road NE, St. Cloud, MN07631
(000) 851-2510


Enthusiastic and organized Teaching Assistant, with extensive experience in supervising students, handling classroom duties, and preparing lesson materials. Highly competent in building a nurturing and safe learning environment.

Lesson Imparting | Classroom Safety
Lesson Revision | Student Oversight
Emergency Services | Behavior Management
Progress Evaluation | Parent Liaison
Record-Keeping | Attendance Tracking
Material Development | Special Needs Assistant


Teaching Assistant
Coral School, St. Cloud, MN | 2017-present
Key Achievements
• Successfully worked with 3 students with special needs as part of an inclusion program.
• Spearheaded a behavior management program, with a 100% success rate.
Key Responsibilities
• Confer with the lead teacher about daily lesson plans.
• Assist lead teachers in imparting education to a class of 20 students.
• Oversee students during class, at lunchtime, and during play breaks.
• Assist in preparing lessons and teaching materials.
• Develop teaching resources.
• Supervise students and oversee the behavior.
• Help teachers in administering tests and assignments.
• Grade quizzes and tests on a weekly basis.

Teacher’s Aide
ABC School, St. Cloud, MN | 2015-2017
Key Responsibilities
• Oversaw the safety and wellbeing of 50+ students.
• Assisted 5 students with special needs by involving them in the class activities.
• Provided emergency assistance during injuries and illnesses.
• Communicated with parents on a regular basis.
• Helped in setting up school events.
• Supported the assignment and test-making process.

The Tuition Hub, St. Cloud, MN | 2012-2015
Key Responsibilities
• Assisted students with homework assignments and projects.
• Provided one on one instruction about difficult concepts.
• Responded to questions regarding subject matter content.
• Administered tests and quizzes to determine to learn.
• Marked tests and assignments and provided appropriate grades.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Minnesota State University, St. Cloud, MN – 2012

Teaching Assistant Resume Example 2

Jennifer Mendez
122 76th Street, New York, NY 22662
(000) 980-5214


High energy teaching assistant with extensive experience in providing classroom support services. Self-directed, enthusiastic, and passionate about fostering students’ emotional, academic, social and cognitive growth. Demonstrated ability to prepare and impart lessons according to each class’s individualized needs. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Documented success in encouraging knowledge of current events through independent unit plans.
• Well-versed in designing cross-curriculum warm-up activities to enhance connections between school subjects.
• Qualified to use differentiated instruction formative and summative assessments.

Clerical work | Research
Student evaluation | Extracurricular activities management
Testing | Progress reporting
Critical thinking | Communication

• Played a significant role in implementing the MYP (Middle Years Program) in addition to the regular curriculum.
• Incorporated We Are Too as part of class instruction – a specialized program for students with special needs.
• Aided in the production of a play based on The Woman in White, an interdisciplinary unite encompassing music, dance, and drama.
• Created 1500 supportive materials as lesson aides for use for grades 1 to 5.


Teaching Assistant
The Morning School, New York, NY
May 2015 – Present
• Assist lead teachers in creating and implementing daily lesson plans.
• Provide students with instructions on how to handle class and home assignments.
• Determine signs of distress and endeavor to handle situations.
• Monitor students and ensure that the behavior is per set class protocols.
• Research material to aid in instructional procedures and distribute learning aides to students.
• Evaluate each student to determine if individual academic goals are being met.
• Confer with parents to provide them with heads up on their children’s educational successes and limitations.
• Handle assessments, mark papers, and create reports.
• Ensure that the classroom environment is conducive to learning and growth by making it safe and fun.
• Oversee students’ activities in the playground and during lunch hours.

Substitute Paraprofessional
Howards School, New York, NY
Jan 2012 – May 2015
• Assisted in imparting instruction to students
• Handled research duties, collected materials to create learning aids, and helped students in understanding how to use them.
• Observed students during class and extracurricular activities to ensure appropriate behavior.
• Took attendance and managed student records.
• Provided students with help in understanding and handling class attendance.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
New York State University, New York, NY – 2008

• MS Word and Excel
• Student grading software
• Internet research
• Email and social media interaction
Typing speed: 55 WPM