Teaching Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on March 4, 2018

To clone or not to clone, that is the question. No, no! We have not picked up a Shakespearean quote and changed it to our liking to impress you. We have tried to make a point here.

Here, we refer to the decision of copying word for word, the content one finds in a job advertisement and putting it on your resume for the teaching assistant position.

Is it the right thing to do?

Or is it completely wrong?

To be honest, it can go both ways. If the ATS checks your resume, cloning will do wonders for you.

The same words of an advertisement (on your resume) will put you in the clear. However, if a human is scanning your resume, you might be considered cheeky!

What does one do?

Pick up a few words and phrases from the job advertisement and use your imagination and knowledge to handle the rest.

The teaching assistant resume sample below will tell you how to use power words successfully:


Teaching Assistant Resume Example




Jennifer Mendez

122 76th Street ● New York, NY 22662 ● (000) 999-9999 ● [Email]


Highly efficient teaching assistant with extensive experience in providing classroom support services. Self-directed, enthusiastic and passionate about fostering students’ emotional, academic, social and cognitive growth. Demonstrated ability to prepare and impart lessons according to each class’s individualized needs.
• Documented success in encouraging knowledge of current events through independent unit plans.
• Well-versed in designing cross-curriculum warm-up activities to enhance connections between school subjects.
• Qualified to use differentiated instruction formative and summative assessments.


• Clerical work• Research• Student evaluation
• Extracurricular activities• Testing• Typing speed: 55 WPM
• Progress reporting• Special needs handling• Lesson plan development
• Comprehension• Critical thinking• Communication

• Played a significant role in implementing the MYP (Middle Years Program) in addition to the regular curriculum.
• Incorporated We Are Too as part of class instruction – a specialized program for students with special needs.
• Aided in the production of a play based on The Woman in White, an interdisciplinary unite encompassing music, dance, and drama.
• Created 1500 supportive materials as lesson aides for use for grades 1 to 5.


The Morning School System, New York, NY | 5/2013 to Present
Teaching Assistant
• Assist teachers in creating and implementing daily lesson plans.
• Provide students with instruction on how to handle class and home assignments.
• Observe students to determine signs of distress and endeavor to handle situations.
• Monitor students and ensure that the behavior is per set class protocols.
• Research material to aid in instructional procedures and distribute learning aides to students.
• Evaluate each student to determine if individual academic goals are being met.
• Confer with parents to provide them with heads up on their children’s educational successes and limitations.
• Handle assessments, mark papers and create reports.
• Ascertain that class environment is conducive to learning and growth by making it safe and fun.
• Oversee students’ activities in the playground and during lunch hours.

Howards School, New York, NY | 1/2012 to 5/2013
Substitute Paraprofessional
• Assisted in imparting instruction to students
• Handled research duties, collected materials to create learning aids and helped students in understanding how to use them.
• Observed students during class and extracurricular activities to ensure appropriate behavior.
• Took attendance and managed student records.
• Provided students with help in understanding and handling class attendance.

New York State University, New York, NY – 2008
Bachelor’s Degree in Education

• MS Word and Excel
• Student grading software
• Internet research
• Email and social media interaction