After School Program Aide Resume Sample

Updated on: May 28, 2023

Perhaps the most challenging part of applying for an after-school program aide job is the resume. Determining what to write in a resume requires nothing less than pure ingenuity. That is if you want to make your resume one that truly sells.

Look through the requirements given in the job advertisement first and then decide what you want to put in a resume. By making a list of your best qualifications and highest accomplishments’ you can bring interviews nearer and nearer.

Here is an example:

After-School Program Aide Resume Sample

Steve Smith
7856 Hibiscus Lane
Cambridge, MD 21232
(000) 999-7454
stevesmith @ email . com


Friendly after school program aide with 7+ years of solid experience in implementing a wide range of recreational and educational activities, by keeping within the boundaries set by the school administration. Documented success in facilitating a variety of group activities, including enrichment and recreational programs.

• Unmatched ability to provide organized play opportunities by ensuring the physical well-being of each participant
• Adept at assisting with the details of special events such as field trips and community service projects
• Deep insight into effectively maintaining order by efficiently managing participant behavior

• Table Activities • Outdoor Play Supervision
• Safety Promotion • Records Management
• Group Supervision • Social Development
• First Aid • Behavior Management
• Socialization Exercises • Health Code Regulations
• Program Development • Activities Planning

• Introduced an activities-based physical development program which was deemed a 100% success by the program director.
• Implemented a series of socialization exercises to assist participants in meeting their socialization needs.
• Developed an afterschool program to meet the varying needs of participants with special needs.
• Held 11 pre-program safety promotion drives to provide participants with information on how to handle safety issues during the course of the program.


After School Program Aide
AAA School, Cambridge, MD
6/2020 – Present
• Confer with the afterschool program manager to comprehend after-school activities
• Assist the afterschool program manager in determining the logistics of an afterschool activities program
• Lead and guide each participant through learning modules by providing them guidance as a group and individually
• Ascertain that the program space is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis
• Enforce playground and gym rules and ensure the overall safety and well-being of participants
• Determine program rules to ensure that they are properly enforced
• Assist in the supervision of assigned group or participant
• Handle emergencies and adverse situations such as medical issues and behavioral problems

Program Assistant
San Carlos, Cambridge, MD
1/2017 – 5/2020
• Assisted in carrying out afterschool program activities such as coordinating participants
• Provided information to all assigned groups regarding program logistics and rules
• Assisted in enforcing program rules to ensure the overall safety and well-being of participants
• Supervised individual participants (especially children) to ensure that they are following program rules properly
• Managed behavioral issues by intervening in distressing or adverse situations such as fights and altercations

Diploma: City High School, Cambridge, MD – 2013

• MS Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet, Email, and Social Media