After School Program Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: March 10, 2022

The new era demands that you create an on-target resume so that you can be considered as someone who is updated with the rules of the employment game.

If you are interested in knowing what these rules are, take a look at the following after school program coordinator resume example.

After School Program Coordinator Resume Example

Fred Mole
4 Downingtown Dr
West Chester, PA 44665
(000) 142-7454
fredmole @ email . com


Industrious After School Program Coordinator with 11 years of first-hand experience in developing and implementing afterschool programs. Diligent and hardworking individual who has a demonstrated ability to get along well with colleagues and students of all ages.
Special talent for:
• Facilitating partnerships with appropriate public and private agencies that provide services to students and families
• Designing meaningful, inclusive, and creative activities needed for each cycle of programming guidelines of community school values
• Handling assessments of participants and program evaluations


After School Program Coordinator
Philhaven, West Chester, PA
6/2015 – Present
• Decipher the school’s need for after school programs and collaborate with administrators and community members to determine program needs
• Create and implement core curriculum for each after school program based on the school’s policies and protocols
• Hire and supervise teachers, instructors and support staff for each after school program
• Coordinate development and implementation of after school lesson plans while ensuring that it is kept within state guidelines
Key Achievements
• Singlehandedly created and implemented an after-school program for a group of special needs children, with different learning abilities.
• Incorporated remedial programs into afterschool activities, resulting in a high number of students excelling in regular education.
• Trained 42 new teachers (within a span of 5 years) to successfully implement after school programs in 5 different community schools.
• Suggested introduction of organic snacks for students during after school activities, which resulted in students opting for healthy food for all their meals.

Program Coordinator
City School, West Chester, PA
8/2011 – 6/2015
• Developed core procedures and policies for operations of each program
• Established communication between involved parties
• Created activities that promote students’ physical and intellectual development
• Coordinated planning and maintenance of safe and healthy learning environment
• Maintained accurate and updated student, staff, and after school program records

School Coordinator
Francis Parker School, West Chester, PA
2/2011 – 8/2011
• Assisted with the daily management issues and strategic planning activities
• Oversaw the implementation of student leadership programs and activities, along with outdoor activities
• Provided logistical support to the school administration office, including calendar management
• Created and implemented staff schedules and ensured that proper duties assignment duties were carried out
• Coordinated all aspects of school office logistics, including vendor relations and agency liaison

Bachelor’s Degree in Education 
Chester School of Education, West Chester, PA

• Community Presentations
• Budget Tracking
• Donations Securing
• Funds Sourcing
• Record-keeping
• Playground Safety
• Behavior Management
• Child Development
• Curriculum Development
• Calendar Creation
• Training and Development