Reading Specialist Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 5, 2016

These days, the focus of young people is on technology. This greatly takes away the pleasure of reading actual books. If you look around you, you will see that this generation (most of it anyway) doesn’t read good old books! Somehow, e-books are not the same thing! Hence the increase in demand for reading specialists who encourage young people to read and enjoy books. However, reading specialists do not only encourage students who do not like reading books. They are usually hired by schools to create and implement reading programs to encourage students to read all mediums. This may also include e-books.

To be eligible to work as a reading specialist, the first thing that you need to be is interested in reading yourself. You cannot be a reading specialist if you are not a reader yourself, as most of your training will be done during the time you are reading a good book, while curled up on a sofa next to the fireplace! A master’s degree in education is essential if you want to take up this work. Also, you will need to be passionate about reading and possess the knowledge to create reading lesson plans and impart instruction.

Here is a list of work duties that you will be required to perform when hired as a reading specialist:

Specialist Job Description for Resume

• Confer with lead teachers to determine the special reading requirements of their student population
• Engage students into conversation to determine their views about reading in general and make notes
• Determine the specific likes, dislikes and limitations of students pertaining to reading, and explore avenues for them
• Screen students to establish appropriate reading level placements and assist teachers in selecting students requiring special reading assistance
• Create and implement reading instruction programs to meet each student’s individual requirements
• Provide individual and small group instruction for students identified with reading problems or limitations
• Administer reading tests according to the rules of the state and school procedures
• Implement core reading programs for students with special needs such as dyslexia and ensure that they are conducted following standard procedures
• Assist in the establishment and implementation of school reading programs and curriculum
• Develop and implement assessment methodologies to determine each student’s progress and evaluate their interest and limitations
• Create and maintain a comprehensive inventory of instructional materials and resources
• Ascertain appropriate allocation and circulation of reading materials to encourage reading activities
• Identify literature for use in all content areas that support reading curriculum and add language modules where necessary