Pre-K Teacher Cover Letter Sample and Tips

Updated on December 7, 2014

Pre-K Teacher Cover Letter Tips

• Use simple words to communicate clearly. Get right to the point and keep the letter short.

• Include enough relevant information to engage the employer and motivate him or her to take the accompanying resume seriously into consideration.

• Review some cover letters before writing your own, but only to get ideas. Make sure your letter is unique and reflects who you are.

• Getting personal is very important. Find out the name of your addressee and take up a tone that matches the culture of the institute you are applying at.

Have a look at the sample cover letter given below for further guidance.


Pre-K Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Jennifer Morgan
488 Heavenly Ave • Bronx, NY 67441 • (006) 333-4444 • jennifer @ email . com

December 7, 2014

Mr. Jason Kline
HR Manager
54 Rose Blvd
Bronx, NY 67441

‘The education of a small child does not help him prepare for school, but helps him prepare for life’ -Dr. Maria Montessori

Dear Mr. Kline:

If you are seeking a success-driven and dedicated Pre-K Teacher for your newly built set up in Bronx, look no further. Following is a snapshot of my candidacy which is in remarkable synchronization with your job requirements.

• Demonstrated ability to design practical activities that aim at enhancing the students’ learning capacity.

• Substantial knowledge regarding physical, cognitive, psychosocial and developmental milestones associated with kids of various ages.

• Proficient in usage of various facilitative equipment inspired by the Montessori and Kindergarten schools of thought.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills with firsthand experience in parental communication.

• Adept at record keeping, child progress gauging and charting.

• Strong facilitating, mentoring, teaching and supervising skills.

In addition to above mentioned qualifications, I bring strong competency in identifying each child’s unique interests and developing individual teaching strategies based on same. Of equal importance are my monitoring skills. Being a vigilant and alert person I have a track record of maintaining a protected environment for my students and ensuring their safety. My previous employers have always appreciated my creativity and the activities designed by in order to facilitate curriculum based learning have always been highly commended.

The position sounds interesting and I would welcome an opportunity for a personal interview to further discuss my qualifications. Feel free to contact me at (006) 333-4444 if you have any queries and to communicate an interview date that is convenient to you. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jennifer Morgan

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