Activity Facilitator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: November 23, 2021

Activity facilitators or coordinators organize games and activities for large groups of people.

Where they Work

They may work at camps, adventure foundations that organize trips, and even at nursing homes where they plan activities and assist members in taking part in these activities.

Activity Facilitator Job Description

The primary responsibility of an activity facilitator is to keep people involved and entertained.

There are many activities that facilitators perform, such as football, camping, craft making, and horse riding.

They come up with activity ideas that are relevant to the age group that they are catering to. For instance, in an older adults’ home, this individual may organize card games to cater to elderly people who cannot indulge in physical activity.

Skills and Abilities

It is very important for them to be energetic and highly organized as they often plan and lead many activities at the same time.

The ability to chart out activity schedules and implement programs is a prerequisite for this position.

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It is also imperative for them to possess exceptional communication skills as they need to communicate rules and procedures for each activity that they plan.

Educational Requirements

Many employers require a high school diploma when hiring. Some experience in activities facilitation will be a plus.

Activity Facilitator Duties and Responsibilities

• Maintain an understanding of recreational facilities and the activities that they offer.
• Prepare and implement activity schedules.
• Provide leadership to participants by providing them information on each activity.
• Define rules for each activity and inform participants of the importance of abiding by them.
• Handle development and implementation of programs according to the age and capability of the participant group.
• Encourage members to participate in activities by showing them how they are done.
• Assist in identifying and booking venues for activities such as sports and carnivals.
• Monitor the use of activity equipment and facilities.
• Provide participants with lists of rules and regulations for each activity that they are involved in.
• Respond to emergency situations by performing First Aid and CPR.
• Cater to the recreation requirements of the community.
• Evaluate the effectiveness of each planned activity and make amendments to them according to the needs of individuals.
• Supervise and lead recreational activities for children, youths, and the elderly.
• Facilitate local involvement in regional programs and competitions.
• Prepare and manage activity budgets.
• Prepare and present financial reports regarding each activity periodically.
• Maintain familiarity with local recreational and cultural activities.