Spanish Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on December 2, 2014

An effective cover letter for a Spanish Teacher position can be defined as an informed response to a vacancy announcement. This implies that before writing the cover letter, the candidate is fully aware of the employer’s requirements and has a clear understanding of the type of candidate they seek. Here are some golden rules pertaining to cover letter writing.

• Make sure that the cover letter justifies your application. Introduce your resume and explain why you are a viable candidate.

• Reflect your attitude, motivation and interest in the letter since your resume does not do that.

• Never make the employer guess the position you are after. Specifically state the title of the position you seek in your cover letter along with convincing evidence from your professional experience that you are qualified for the role.

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Spanish Teacher Cover Letter Sample


Samuel Mason

210 Olive Garden • Austin, TX 43001 • (004) 333-2222 • samuel . mason @ email . com

December 2, 2014

Mr. Jason Kline
HR Manager
37 Cherry Tree Lane
Austin, TX 43001


Dear Mr. Kline:

As a Spanish language teacher I have built a strong reputation in facilitating second language acquisition among my students. My ability to identify students’ natural learning styles and capitalize upon the same for imparting language skills has always been my strongest asset in this profession. With this letter and enclosed resume, I offer my services as a Spanish teacher in response to your vacancy announcement.

For the past 6 years I have held direct responsibility for tutoring large groups of children and imparting the four language skills to them. This experience has rendered me highly well versed in planning, supervising and implementing the given curriculum. I bring strong competency in evaluating and enhancing student progress in aural comprehension, speaking, reading and writing the Spanish language using strategies appropriate for the respective levels being taught.

My specialty also includes aiding students in development of self confidence and a positive self image by fostering a supportive and facilitative environment for each student. My practice of designing and utilizing a variety of instructional materials and methods in the classroom and proficiency in incorporating technology in my lessons has always been highly commended by my employers and students alike.

On reviewing my attached resume, you will discover that my qualifications are a good match for this position. You may reach me at (004) 333-2222 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. I will be calling you in the coming week to answer any queries you may have regarding my qualifications and teaching experience.

Thank you for time and consideration.



Samuel Mason

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