Middle School Science Teacher Job Description

Updated: October 14, 2017

Position Overview

A middle school science teacher may be hired both by private and government schools.

The basic idea of hiring middle school science teachers is to make sure that the student body is taught scientific concepts particular to their age groups.

These individuals need to perform a lot of the duties of a lead teacher, often being involved in both curriculum development, and lesson planning.


To work as a middle school science teacher, you have to possess a degree in a related field such as science or education. The ability to impart education in a manner that it is understandable at the middle level is important to possess.

Lesson planning and curriculum development is all part of the work of a middle school science teacher, as is handling student assessments and evaluations. Apart from a degree, it is important for middle school science teachers to be able to handle students by ensuring proper behavior, and creating and implementing talent and knowledge-gauging metrics.

Exceptional communication skills, deep understanding of scientific concepts as they relate to specific age groups, and an excellent ability to administer evaluations and assessments, such as tests and exams, are also important prerequisites of an individual working at this position.

On any typical day at work, a middle school science teacher will perform some or all of the functions listed below:


Middle School Science Teacher Job Description or Resume


• Assist school management in creating and implementing core middle school science curriculum, according to set federal and government procedures.

• Create and implement lesson plans to meet the specific learning needs of all students.

• Provide group and one on one instruction to students, to ensure that they understand difficult scientific concepts۔

• Assist students with classwork to ensure that they are a par with each other, and give them homework on a scheduled basis.

• Conduct age-appropriate scientific experiments and activities within controlled environments, aiming to assist students in understanding complex theories.

• Develop and implement activities-based resources, aiming to teach students complex concepts in a fun manner.

• Oversee and monitor the behavior of students within the classroom, and intervene before any situation becomes explosive.

• Ascertain that a safe and nurturing classroom environment is created and maintained at all times.

• Create and implement assessment metrics to evaluate students during class times and examinations.

• Highlight any concerns regarding students’ participation to the school management and parents.

• Create and maintain effective liaison with parents and guardians to ensure that they are kept up to date about their children’s progresses.