Retail Stock Clerk Resume Example

Updated on: November 13, 2019

How would a retail setting function without a stock clerk? Retails chains are always in need of highly organized, skilled and competent retail stock clerks who can help manage the day-to-day operations.

If you are thinking of applying as a retail stock clerk, your resume should be written in a way that grabs the attention of the recruiter.


In order to build an effective retail stock clerk resume, you should focus on your relevant skills, experiences, and achievements.

Use power words such as fast learner, high achiever, quick adapter and relationship builder to make a big impact on employers.

Our Retail Stock Clerk resume sample is what you need to put your foot inside the door of the prospective company.

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Retail Stock Clerk Resume Sample



Ingrid Jordon
47 Linden Street, Terre Haute, IN 45622
(000) 847-8547

Retail Stock Clerk

Customer service-oriented Stock Clerk with exceptional insight into backend retail activities. A fast learner who is acknowledged for being able to work efficiently with inventory systems and manage stock in a busy retail environment.

• Comprehensive knowledge of inspecting incoming merchandise for quality conformance.
• Expert in operating dollies and hand trucks to control and distribute merchandise to appropriate locations.
• Well versed in inventory tracking and display set up activities, with special focus on correlating the two.
• Skilled at storing items in a neat and organized way so that they can be pulled with ease.

• Physical dexterity
• Warehouse knowledge
• Merchandise display
• Inventory control
• Requisition
• Display setup
• Quality control
• Code identification
• Order retrieval

• Increased warehouse storage efficiency by 50% by setting up a “towering” storage system.
• Introduced an automated order pulling system that reduced order pulling time by 80%.
• Revamped the inventory system completely and increased its efficiency by 55% in the process.
• Decreased labeling costs by 80% by suggesting printing of labels in-house.


Retail Stock Clerk
Adecco, Terre Haute, IN | 2015-Present

• Receive incoming merchandise and check for consistency with work orders
• Check the quality of each item
• Open received packs and separate items that need to be sent to the sales floor
• Arrange for the rest of the items to be taken to storage areas
• Maintain stock of inventory to determine if items need to be reordered
• Assist in organizing shelves with items on the sales floor
• Respond to customers’ questions regarding items and provide advice on merchandise selection
• Clean display shelves and arrange for new displays to be organized
• Itemize and total customers’ purchases and assist them through the payment procedures
• Assist customers in transporting their purchases to their vehicles

Order Puller
CORT Business Services, Terre Haute, IN | 2012-2015

• Received and understood orders for pulling merchandise
• Located items in storage areas and pulled them out by hand or by using specialized equipment
• Compared item numbers to work orders to ensure conformity
• Transported pulled items to packaging areas and packed and labeled them
• Ensured that pulled orders were safely transported to the delivery palette
• Assisted in loading and arranging items safely into the delivery truck

Standsville High School, Terre Haute, IN – 2012