High School Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: July 29, 2016

Speaking the right language when you write a cover letter is imperative to its success. Consider the recipient of your information. If the company where you are applying for the job is conservative, keep the tone of your cover letter conservative too. But if the organization is creative and entrepreneurial, a flourish in design will definitely tempt the reader.

If you want to stay on the safe side, write a conventional cover letter, without following convention in how you word it. In clear terms, state the reason why you are writing in the first place. This may include where you saw the ad, and then explain why you are a top candidate for the advertised position. Basically, you should be saying here are details of my accomplishments and some examples of the work that I have done, which prove that I am the best candidate you will find for the job that you have advertised. If you want your cover letter to be successful, tell the employer why you admire the company by giving intelligent compliments – gushing insincere praise will not work.

Here is a sample cover letter for a high school art teacher that you may refer to for ideas:


High School Art Teacher Cover Letter Sample


325 Peter Street
Plymouth, MA 25110

July 29, 2016

Mrs. Emily Rhodes
Camelot Education
220 Jaye Street
Plymouth, MA 70291


Dear Mrs. Rhodes:

As an art teacher, it is imperative to develop in each student interest and the ability for creative expression in visual terms. And this is exactly how I have spent the last 10 years – teaching art to high school students using techniques of artistic expression, consistent with school guidelines. With documented success in developing aesthetic appreciations of different art forms and developing students’ talents, I am confident that you will find my professional profile at par with your requirements.

I am highlighting some of the areas that I believe will be of interest to you when deciding to hire me as an art teacher at Camelot Education:

• Demonstrated ability to develop aesthetic concepts and appreciation, and the ability to make qualitative judgements of art.
• Qualified to teach the versatility of acrylic paints, dry brushing, staining, layering and mono-printing.
• Exceptionally talented in applying elements of design and modern principles of art.
• Deep insight into evaluating students individually by gauging their performance and aesthetic comprehension of different art forms.

I am positive that you will not regret talking to me about this position. I would be happy to provide you with samples of my work. I would like to meet with you soon and will call your office to determine what time and day suits you best. Should you desire to contact me, I can be reached at (000) 124-1012.



Wendy Hall