Nail Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: May 26, 2022
Position Overview

A nail technician works in a salon, or a nail bar, where his or her main work is to provide clients with services such as manicures, pedicures, nail grooming, and nail art.

They may perform other salon work as well, but their main expertise lies in working with clients’ nails.

Education and Skills Requirements

To work as a nail technician, you do not need more than a high school diploma or a GED equivalent, but you may be asked to obtain training in nail grooming.

For most nail technicians, training is provided on the job. Working as a nail technician is complex work as there is so much that you need to look out for, including ensuring sanitary conditions, maintaining hygiene, and making sure that instruments and supplies used are of high quality.

Handling clients’ requests pertaining to grooming and painting their nails exactly the way they want is also necessary, which means that your communication and interpersonal skills must be excellent.

Salons are fast-paced environments – every client is in a hurry, and nail technicians need to be able to meet their requirements in a quick but efficient manner.

Working in this role also means that you need to be detail-oriented as a lot of the work of a nail technician depends highly on how intricately it is performed.

Thinking of working as a nail technician?

Keep reading to know what it may have in store for you:

Job Duties for Nail Technician Resume

• Greet clients as they arrive at the salon, and inquire into their service requirements, specifically for their nails.
• Provide clients with information on nail services offered such as manicures, pedicures, and nail art.
• Coordinate with the front office manager to schedule appointments, and ensure that they are followed up.
• Provide clients with information on what to expect during each nail treatment, and inquire into any previous adverse situations.
• Prepare clients for nail treatments by ensuring that they are seated comfortably.
• Arrange for supplies and instruments to be made available at the service area, ensuring timeliness is kept a priority.
• Perform manicure and pedicure services to clean and groom hands and feet.
• Handle in-grown nail problems with precision and exactness, ensuring that clients do not get injured.
• Perform nail painting and nail art activities in accordance with the specific instructions of each client.
• Ensure that all instruments and equipment used during the nail treatment are properly cleaned and sanitized.
• Oversee the inventory of supplies, specifically for nail services, and communicate low stock situations to the salon manager.

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