Sterile Processing Technician Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: November 11, 2020

Sterile Processing Technician Job Description

A sterile processing technician’s main work is to make sure that all the instruments and equipment assigned to him or her, are properly cleaned, decontaminated, and sterilized, as per provided instructions.

Sterile processing technicians are usually hired by hospitals with dedicated surgical units and are required to ensure that all sterilization processes are properly managed.

Working as a sterile processing technician means that you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Making sure that the equipment and instruments assigned to you are properly handled is your responsibility.

Some of the main duties that you will be performing in the role of a sterile processing technician include:

Sterile Processing Technician Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

  • Provide assistance to medical and surgical staff members by ensuring that their instruments are constantly available and cleaned before use.
  • Perform instrument cleaning, decontaminating, and sterilizing activities, as per the protocols of the facility.
  • Decontaminate equipment used for both examination and surgical purposes, and ensure that it is properly put away.
  • Arrange for medical supplies to be made available within the examination and surgical rooms.
  • Assemble and wrap instruments in a proper manner, ensuring that they are made available to medical and surgical staff members when they need them.
  • Ensure that appropriate standards are followed while performing decontamination and sterilization work.
  • Monitory and oversee biological and chemical wash solutions, ensuring their quality and consistency, for decontamination of instruments.
  • Restock and label supplies, and manage and oversee inventory of supplies and equipment.
  • Communicate low stock situations to supervisors or managers, and perform appropriate follow up to ensure that stock levels are maintained.
  • Perform environmental maintenance duties, and verify that equipment is properly functioning at all times.
  • Perform waste disposal/management activities, ensuring that safe methods are employed to get rid of surgical waste.

Sterile Processing Technician Education Requirements

Typically, a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a sterile processing technician.

However, it may be a good idea to possess some knowledge of the work before you venture out on a journey to obtain this position.

Sterile Processing Technician Skills and Knowledge

Also, it is important for people working in this position to possess exceptional knowledge of medical terms, and how they relate to their work in both examination and surgical capacities.

Working as a sterile processing technician requires knowledge of reusable surgical instrumentation, microsurgical instruments, and power equipment. Additionally, you will be expected to know how to handle the cleaning and maintenance of patient care equipment such as IV pumps, CPM machines, and hyperthermia units.