Dental Assistant Cold Contact Letter

Updated on March 3, 2018

When writing a regular cover letter to accompany a dental assistant’s resume, the key is to relate your skills and experience with the job descriptions and expectations of the employer.

In case of a cold contact cover letter, since no job descriptions are available, the task becomes a bit difficult. However, if the candidate is confident about the pursued post, the letter can relate candidate’s skills to the general job descriptions related to the position.

To compose a cold contact cover letter for the position of dental assistant, the candidate needs to clarify in the letter, how s/he would be an asset to the prospective clinic and why s/he is interested in joining that particular organization.

Following is a sample cold-contact letter for the position of dental assistant.


Dental Assistant Cold Contact Cover Letter Sample



Sarah Martin
412 Laurence Street, Houston, TX 65214
(088) 444-3333 ~ [Email]

March 3, 2018

Dr. Paul Phillips
Senior Administrator
Houston City Dental Clinic
34 Main Street
Houston, TX 47414


Dear Dr. Phillips:

I’m pleased to introduce myself as an experienced and highly skilled dental assistant. After completing my Associate degree of Applied Science in Dental Hygiene from Seattle, I obtained a certificate in Dental Assistance from American Dental Association. I had been working as a dental assistant at Aspen Dental in Seattle for about three years.

Dental assistance is my passion; it’s the job I take pleasure in. I am a proactive and committed professional who could bring many positive changes to your clinic by delivering highest quality chairside support and patient care services. I have some brilliant ideas to market, project and promote your clinic’s mission and attract a higher number of clients.

During my experience working with multicultural patients, my dental assistance skills have polished a lot. Being a certificate holder in radiology as well, I would be able to conduct X-rays independently. To be specific, I am well versed in greeting clients, scheduling appointments and sterilizing equipment for the dentist. Moreover, I have a track record of explaining the treatment plan to patients, taking the dental image and maintaining confidential information.

My resume is enclosed for your review. I will call you after two weeks to set up an interview date with you to discuss my ideas and interest. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Sarah Martin

Sarah Martin

Encl. Resume

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