Accounting Intern Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: October 23, 2021

A cover letter for an accounting intern job may act as a turning point in your career. 

Therefore, you have to craft it in a way to impress the recruiter enough to review your resume and call you for an interview.

How to Write a Winning Cover Letter for an Accounting Intern Position?

Before writing your cover letter, you should research extensively on your prospective company.

It will show how interested you are in getting the accounting internship, presenting yourself as the best-suited candidate.

By doing research, you can impress a hiring manager with your knowledge about the prospective company, and how you see yourself making an exceptional contribution to the role of an accounting intern.

Get ideas from the sample below to write a compelling covering letter for an accounting intern resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Accounting Intern Position

Martin Hersey
231 NW, St.1
Fairfax, VA 22030
(001) 103-3436

October 23. 2021

Mr. Luther John
HR manager
FindTheBest Inc.
709 15th Street,
Washington, DC

Dear Mr. John:

As a passionate and committed individual, I would like to be considered for an accounting internship at FindTheBest Inc. Because your job description perfectly complements my education and skills, I am sure of my ability to become a great asset to your company.

Currently, I am pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting at Hanover College and will be graduating in August 2022. Because of my hard work and dedication, I have achieved consistently high grades throughout my academics. In high school, I have received awards for the best student in class four times, the most punctual student two times, and the best presenter award twice.

As mentioned in my resume, I have an urge to succeed in every aspect of professional life, and therefore I put my head-n-heart into anything I pursue. In the first semester of the bachelor’s program, I carried out a research project on the basics of auditing at ABM Industries and was later offered an internship by the same company because of my motivation and proficiency in accounting procedures. While excelling at performance, I assisted managers with internal and external audits and other assigned duties.

Moreover, I apply my hard-earned skills, qualifications, and knowledge in diligently working for the Weekly Business Times as an honorary employee. There, I wrote analytical columns and articles about varying financial positions of listed organizations across the US.

The attached resume summarizes my skills and knowledge. To follow-up, and possibly set up an interview date and time, I will call your office after one week. If any additional information is needed in the interim, please call me at (001) 103-3436.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you in an interview.


Martin Hersey