Supervisor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 24, 2020
Supervisor Job Description

The role of a supervisor holds much importance regardless of the industry in question.

Since supervisors make sure that everyone works as they need to, there is much responsibility associated with this position.

Supervisors manage a team of employees and assist them in handling their workload.

They schedule work duties, handle staffing issues, and monitor team performance along with making sure that sufficient work is allocated to team members.

Supervisors need to be excellent at communicating with people, and they must also be very well organized.

Additionally, a supervisor is only successful if he or she can prioritize tasks and handle conflicts.

It is not really important to possess formal education to work as a supervisor but specific requirements of hiring one may depend on the industry or company in question.

Most employers provide on-the-job training to supervisors as there is much knowledge that one needs to gain about the organization’s rules and policies and how to handle staff according to these.

A lot of companies hire supervisors from within the organization to minimize training efforts.

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Working as a supervisor, you will need to perform some or all of the job duties listed below:

Supervisor Duties and Responsibilities for Resume

• Handle the organization’s staffing requirements on a daily basis

• Ensure that there is a backup in case of staff shortages

• Plan workload for employees and ensure that each employee has the capability of handling the assigned workload

• Organize workload shifting/management activities to ensure the optimization of work activities

• Allocate specific tasks to team members and provide them with information on how to carry them out

• Provide staff members with briefings on objectives and initiatives of every assigned task

• Ensure that any changes in company policies are communicated to staff members on an immediate basis

• Interview, hire, train, and coach staff members

• Monitor team and individual performance and ensure that teams and individuals are carrying out duties according to standard operating procedures

• Mentor team members to ensure that they perform their work properly

• Ensure that all projects are completed within the timelines provided

• Carry out the team and individual appraisals and create reports for the senior management