Security Supervisor Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: September 14, 2020

Security supervisors are usually hired only if they have some experience in a similar capacity previously.

Security guards, police officers, or military police officers are usually an excellent choice for the position of a security supervisor as they know the profession and possess the mettle to handle adverse situations and make appropriate decisions.

Security Supervisor Job Description 

The main task of a security supervisor is to monitor subordinates and perform patrolling and administrative duties.

Since security supervisors have “been there, done that,” they know correctly what members of a security team should be doing.

An essential part of a security supervisor’s job is to hand out duties at the beginning of a shift and to make sure that his team understands what needs to be done.

He also provides his team with information on possible problems to look out for and educate them in dealing with these problems.

There are two facets to this job – patrol duty and administration, examples of which are given below:

Sample Job Duties for Security Supervisor Resume

• Provide security staff with a list of responsibilities at the beginning of each shift.

• Educate staff to ensure that they deal with adverse situations calmly and effectively.

• Teach new hires as security staff and train them in learning the ropes.

• Establish priorities of security patrols and ensure that team adheres to them.

• Provide visitors with helpful advice to ensure their security.

• Ensure that unauthorized personnel is not granted access to premises.

• Provide support in emergency and evacuation services by guiding people to take specific routes to ensure their safety.

• Guide security staff to act appropriately during emergencies.

• Respond immediately to alarm system activations and perform checks in areas of concern.

• Ensure that all CCTVs around the building are efficiently installed and sensitively monitored.

• Conduct property searches regularly.

• Ensure effective maintenance and control of security equipment and keys

• Conduct security administration such as the issuance of visitors’ badges and wrist bands.

• Respond to requests of removing vagrants from the property and ensure that any suspicious activity is investigated immediately.

• Provide security staff with First Aid training and ensure that staff knows which emergency service to contact with respect to the emergency at hand.

• Maintain logs of the ins and outs of customers, visitors, and employees from a building.

Security Supervisor Job Requirements

Typically, a security supervisor can be eligible for this position if he holds a high school diploma backed by some experience.

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